Part 1 – Trump Crimes
These blog messages had previously been posted 2 or 3 times per week, but in recent months we’ve cut back to a weekly post just on Mondays.  They’re always packed full of the most important political news from the past week, which today is no exception.  So as always, Part 1 has headline news on Trump’s crimes, Part 2 is about Trump’s assault on our constitutional democracy from which his right-wing echo-chamber is complicit in the evil-doing, & Part 3 is on the economy, pandemic & election (plus our selected song at the end).  Far more than any other president, the news cycle is overloaded with chaotic head-scratching accounts unlike anything ever seen before in America.  Things sure have gotten crazy!  All the alarms I’ve been warning about with Trump for years, more & more Americans have come around to realize those real threats!  We provide these weekly updates as very concerned citizens, even considering it our civic duty to expose overwhelming details on this existential risk to our nation, coming in the form of a demagogic leader & his cult following.  Blaring sirens should be going off in the heads of Americans when they truly & objectively evaluate this unhinged presidency.  
So the intent of this blog is to warn you about the true dangers of Trump, & certainly encourage you to share with your contacts so they too can likewise be warned.  There’s so much over-the-top mayhem & mixed messages happening under this presidency, amidst all that confusion it’s easy for the most important details to get lost in the shuffle.  So by helping us spread the blog address, it allows Americans to see all the most relevant recent news conveniently collected all in one place.  When people peruse through the large number of live link titles found here, there’ll be sure to not miss out on any of the informative stories we all should be in touch with.  That is especially true during this utmost-important election year when our democracy is on the line & it’s critical fully-informed voters make the right choice.  Last week’s Part 1 had far more links to Trump’s crimes:  Parts 2 & 3 have far more articles today, & overall I don’t know if the total number of links below sets a single-day record for our blog, but the total volume in recent months of prominent headline stories is beyond belief:  
An Icon Passes
He was an instrumental figure in giving blacks the right to vote, the one who always sought good trouble.  While the former presidents spoke eloquently about this civil rights leader’s one-of-a-kind contributions, Trump’s delayed response offered the bare minimum of contrition.  Here are tributes to this great American:
Part 2 – An Authoritarian Unleashes His Federal Gestapo
We need to grasp what we’re dealing with:  This prez & his cronies are destroying the pillars of our democracy.  I’ve long warned Trump is a wanna-be dictator surrounding himself with corrupt loyalists willing to carry out his dirty work.  The prez seeks a police state to stamp out any opposition who don’t bow & comply to Trump’s unfettered authority.  We saw signs of it last month when Trump gassed peaceful DC protesters to clear the way for his heretical Bible photo op.  Another example of this American fuhrer commanding his gestapo to go after any signs of peaceful resistance has been happening in Portland: & also see
Nope, these aren’t criminals our government authorities are kidnapping off the streets.  They’re peaceful protesters exercising their right of free speech, yet they’re being taken by terrifying unmarked/unidentified militants:  Imagine the horrors of being abducted out of the blue by a group of unknown thugs without knowing why or where they’re being taken.  And this is America?:–WTF-PORTLAND-UNMARKED-VEHICLES-UNIDENTIFIED-FEDS-SCOOPING-UP-PROTESTORS-OFF-THE-STREET?utm_campaign=trending & also see  If Trump were to fight the virus like he’s fighting protesters, thousands of lives could be saved. 
This should definitely not be America:  It’s becoming Trump’s toxic version of America & this tyranny must stop before it gets out of hand!  I would say a peaceful protester being shot in the head is definitely getting out of hand:–A-peaceful-protester-in-Portland-was-shot-in-the-head-by-Donald-Trump-s-secret-police-Now-what?utm_campaign=trending.  This type of government tyranny can certainly & needlessly escalate violence on both sides:  Trump envisions ordering similar DHS gestapo-like tactics in other cities around the country, expanding his campaign of terror!: & also see  These are ominous signals how an authoritarian fascist state might begin, truly scary stuff!:
More Signs of Tyranny & Book from a Family Member    
None of what we’re seeing is normal, it has indeed become extremely dangerous:  The longer Trump remains in power, the more unbridled power he’ll exert & the more henchmen he’ll enlist in his gestapo, increasingly putting our constitutional rights & freedoms at risk.  I agree with Trump’s niece, reelecting him would signal the end of the American experiment:  As I’ve repeatedly sounded the alarms for years about having a demagogue like Trump in charge, don’t think fascism could never happen in America!
On Monday night there’s a special on CNN about Trump’s conspiracies, shining a light on his concocted alternate reality that is magnified through his echo, designed to deceive his base with nonsense that aggrandizes himself while falsely smearing his favorite targets.  Trump has never operated in a world of truths, which even his niece reveals his chronic lying is a lifelong affliction where he loves embellishing those lies.  One big recurrent lying conspiracy is blaming the deep state for all that ails us, since Trump & his echo seek to discredit our government bureaucracy in order to control it.
Here’s another move by an egotistical, jealous & vengeful president: & also see  Perhaps his insane jealousy stems from the previous 3 presidents being successful in winning a second term, something our current president is highly unlikely to do.
Books on Trump are a proven hit!  A prominent book publisher recently set a record for their first week’s sales on the Bolton book.  That was until they published Mary Trump’s book, which in this first week shattered Bolton book’s record:  Revelations from her book are contained in several of the links below, with other links ranging in topics from Trump’s unstable mental state, unending corruption & unrelenting lust for power.  When Americans ignore or don’t take seriously the abundance of clear warnings like what’s seen here (& all our Part 2’s going back), it really can open the door for fascism to enter:
Scary to Think this Propagandist Channel Helps Govern Our Country
We see Tucker Carlson’s blatant racism again being exposed on his show, so like a rat he’s gone into hiding for awhile.  Most Fox fake news hosts are despicable.  They get paid to lie because that’s the alternative-facts blathering their viewers have come to expect.  One of the few real journalists still left at Fox, Chris Wallace caught Trump in a lie about the claim Biden wants to defund the police: & also see  Wallace in an off-the-rails interview aired Sunday AM actually caught Trump in dozens of lies:
Trump gets many of his ignorant ideas from Fox & vice-versa:  They feed off each other which is deceiving millions in the conservative base & badly hurting our country!:  Fox may be even more dangerous than Trump, since 6 months from now & beyond, they’ll still maintain their current status & ability to wreak havoc on our nation.  Most Fox viewers have obviously been drowning in the sewer & are incapable of comprehending what they’re actually watching, absorbing the torrent of lies as their minds turn into a toxic wasteland.  Any member of Fox’s audience we are able to wean off the poisons is a very good move for both them & America.  A free democracy can never survive for long when so much of the populace accepts falsehoods unconditionally which are demonstrably proven inaccurate, but their mindset continues to accept the nonsense.  When we examine these articles & all the Fox articles going back in every Part 2, it conclusively shows they really are the evil network.  So more of the lies from Fox fake news are presented here:
Several Bricks Short of a Dozen
Incredibly, there are still those Trumpeters out there saying or thinking stupid thoughts, like this virus is more of a hoax, the warnings are overblown, the statistics are exaggerated, or safety measures are somehow infringing on their freedoms.  To those many knuckleheads out there, I’d like to ask them how many of those 140,000 American deaths do they not care about?  As always towards the bottom of Part 2, this section reveals the words & deeds of various far-right deranged lunatics, taking us on our weekly trip through extremist nutwing land:
My recent reply to an evangelical brother….
Here’s another good point to present to our evangelical brethren.  If Satan is the father of lies (see John 8:44), what does that make Trump?  He’s now surpassed 20,000 lies while in office, an extraordinary count!  If given another 4 years based on what we’ve seen in his first term, a president who’s a pathological liar with no moral compass has the power to destroy the church who reelected him, the party who enables him, & the nation led by him.  No amount of “But Gorsuch” excuses could possibly justify voting for him again!  Plus I don’t think we can afford to politely sit back quietly while we’re hearing this delusional, deceptive, destructive & dangerous (& possibly demonic) form of Trump worshiping going on all around us:

Here’s the type of message Christians need to see, an ad showing how their earthly leader is only using them for his own gains:  If evangelicals as I do really want a pro-life president, it’s preposterous they would again vote for a delusional nudnik whose tepid response to a virus pandemic contributed to the deaths of countless thousands of Americans.  To me, that’s a president whose pro-death stance is beyond the worst leader we could ever imagine, since it’s tantamount to negligent homicide.  And his nativist views have real consequences beyond our borders:  Other reports are seen here:
Part 3 – Lots Happening with the Economy, Virus & Election Campaign
The president’s campaign is running on the economy the way it was prior to COVID-19.  The economy was OK back then but not much to brag about, as Trump’s economy basically followed the same track as the Obama economy:  Notable differences are that the top 1% got a lot wealthier, wage/wealth inequality grew much wider, & federal deficits spiked higher (all courtesy of Trump’s tax cuts).  The GOP’s main purpose in recent decades is to enrich their big donors through cutting sweet deals to major corporations, steadily screwing the working middle class.  Trump says he’s about ready to unleash a health care & immigration plan in a few weeks, which we can hardly wait?  How many can really believe whatever he concocts won’t again be a nod to the wealthy oligarchs that further exploits workers!  We can count on everything Trump & his party do are a giveaway to the rich!  And if those plans he’s coming out with are so great, why did he wait more than 3-1/2 years to unveil them?
Trump has all along upheld the stock market as a measuring stick for the economy, a badly flawed association:  The separation between Wall St. & Main St. has grown so far apart as to practically be irretrievably broken.  With Trump & the GOP, I’ll emphasize again it’s always the large corporations who get preferential treatment, whereas especially these days it’s small businesses struggling to survive: & also see  The destruction of small business in Covid times would displace millions of workers & undermine our identity as a country.
Any help for small business or working people coming from the White House on their behalf, might only happen as an accident or afterthought.  Some large businesses managed to siphon off funding from the PPP program designed to keep small businesses afloat (, highlighting the poor design & corruption inherent within the program, while perhaps millions of small businesses were left holding the bag:  And for workers, we’re still getting more than a million new unemployment claims per week: & also see  How & when we finally come out of this virus-induced slowdown, the old model even before COVID hasn’t been working for too many Americans, reqiring a makeover:
Whether it’s watching our economy collapse, virus infection rates spiraling out of control, death counts that far surpass all other countries, or as a nation dealing with this collective misery we’re all struggling with, there are 3 main reasons we’re having to face these various catastrophes; the blame falls on Donald Trump, Donald Trump & Donald Trump.  His downplaying, denying, ignoring & failing to act on this pandemic emergency are why we’re in the mess we are in!:  These links take us to the realities of living through this COVID economy, knowing we’re in dire straits without much hope of any return to normal until we first suppress the virus:
Virus Pandemic & How It was so Badly Mishandled in the U.S.
Throughout most of the developed world, nation’s leaders took decisive actions to battle COVID-19, from which they were able to successfully tamp down the number of infections & deaths.  It also created an environment where their economies could reopen relatively safely.  The notable exceptions were the presidents of the United States & Brazil, caught red-handed with their ongoing lying, denying & gaslighting of their own people.  Our American president foolishly & recklessly dismissed the virus from the very beginning, letting it spread out of control when not taking the quick/aggressive steps other nations did:  Another fool, the Brazilian president, is a Trumpian clone who likewise ignored & rejected all along the dangers of the spreading virus.  Together, these ignoramuses of leadership may be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.  If the current infections/hospitalizations/deaths trajectories continue on for who knows how much longer, it’s possible the fatalities in those two countries could ultimately run into the millions.  Without real leadership & the people adhering to that better leadership, those worst-case scenarios become very possible.
The renowned bungling from our prez will go down in history as legendary, getting off on the wrong foot early this year when downplaying dire warnings from intelligence reports & health experts.  It includes being slow on the trigger from the beginning in testing, isolating & contact tracing when the virus might have been contained.  The prez failed to use the bully pulpit for encouraging social distancing & mask wearing, often sending messages his base interpreted as having the exact opposite effect.  He was also too quick to force the reopening of the economy before the White House’s own health benchmark trends were met by the states (remember the phrase bend the curve, well it never bent).  Plus recorded for posterity on tape are many inaccurate quotes throughout, such as the virus will fade away, we have it under control, the 15 (first infected) would soon be down to zero, anybody who wants a test can get a test, & that the concerns being reported on by the media are a hoax.  Dr. Trump even discovered & pushed miracle cures, like hydroxychloroquine, drinking bleach or zapping the body with ultraviolet light.  The buffoonery continues as Trump fails to prioritize fighting the virus, hiding from the public & not acting on recent life-saving information:
It’s strange how Trump largely abdicated his responsibilities for fighting the virus to the states, but now he’s trying to force a directive on reopening schools at the federal level.  Think about what that means:  The White House even went so far as saying science should not stand in the way of reopening schools (, so they’re in effect claiming it doesn’t matter how high the infection & death numbers grow:  Even if the higher rates of infections reflect more young people diagnosed than what occurred back in the spring, they could still potentially get very sick themselves & also spread the virus:
Now Trump wants the health data sent directly to the White House instead of the CDC, presumably so they can suppress the evidence to the public & politicize this whole issue:  That’s basically the same reason why Trump went on the warpath seeking to smear/muzzle/discredit Dr. Fauci & the W.H.O., since the spin is everything to him.  Trump always demands fake news/happy talk instead of leveling with the American people.  And there’s no end to Trump’s blatant incompetence, since at a time testing absolutely must be improved & ramped up, he wants to cut funding: & also see  We really need to fund a higher number, faster, user-friendly & more accurate testing:  With every suggestion & decision, it’s as though this president is trying to make a deadly situation worse by sabotaging our ability to fight this virus.  Another 4 years of this blundering leadership, the prez might get us all killed! 
We’re dealing with a new, tricky & sinister virus, the extent of which we still don’t understand.  It’s disturbing there are signs the antibodies in people who’ve had the virus appear to disappear in a few months, meaning long-term immunity is very much in doubt.  Plus there are signs the virus mutates into different forms affecting different people in different ways.  And as bad as virus spikes have gotten now with many states setting new records, it could potentially get even worse during a second wave in the fall/winter flu season.  It may be the only way to stop the carnage is for proven treatments & vaccines to come along.  But for now, in the face of a pandemic that doesn’t seem ready to give up its grip, our best defense other than another economic lockdown is for everyone to adhere to mask wearing & social distancing guidelines.  In fact, with numbers spiking, we may have no other choice than to get 100% universal compliance on wearing masks/social distancing as the only option for avoiding another shutdown.
What we’re now living through is the greatest failure of American leadership in our lifetimes!  At a time any president would be called on to rise to the challenge, Trump has decided to ignore the pandemic & pretend nothing is going on here:  As Americans keep dying with no end in sight (, our president hardly mentions the crisis emergency, preferring to brag about light bulbs: or a new FBI building:  Just reflect on those first two articles in this paragraph, showing this virus could surpass the number of American deaths from any war in our country’s history, yet our nation’s leader appears to have surrendered instead of fighting the battle!  Trump has shrivelled to a non-entity at a time when we needed presidential leadership the most. 
There were some windows of opportunity our nation may have avoided such carnage from inept presidential incompetence, when the GOP Senate could have convicted him in the impeachment trial, or his cabinet at any given point could have invoked the 25th Amendment, removing this president from office before the pandemic hit us.  But the prez has enablers all around him who refuse to acknowledge the emperor has no clothes, those shills in his cult who’ve become complicit in the deaths of many thousands of Americans.  Aside from those who’ve succumbed to COVID, many of whom did die needlessly as a direct result of presidential inaction, perhaps it’s better as a country we vote him out as opposed to those previous options like impeachment conviction or 25th Amendment.  Otherwise, the maniacal echo & crazed Trumpeters would collectively have a total coniption fit, possibly erupting into civil war.  Let’s just hope & pray after the election, the transition to the Biden administration goes smoothly.
Trump not only has blood on his hands, he’s swimming in blood:  Among his most deadly lies, the prez keeps falsely claiming it’s our high amount of testing that’s causing the higher infection rates:  The reality is diagnosed infections have recently risen 5 times faster than the increase in testing.  And with the positivity rates shooting up in the testing, that proves the higher infection rates are not primarily due to more testing.  Fatalities are also climbing.  So tragically, more deaths always follow the higher number who’ve been diagnosed:  In seeing the U.S. lead the world in infections & deaths, the conclusion we can draw is from watching all the confusion & inaction at our top leadership level, this whole sorry chapter could not have been handled any worse: & also see
Trump’s interview Sunday with Chris Wallace on Fox was a veritable lie-fest of deflection, conflation, gaslighting, distortions, dismissals, exaggerations, denials, ignoring facts & taking things out of context:  On the broadcast the prez was fact-checked in real time as his numerous lies blew up in his face:  His answers were a pathetic disgrace!  This is a person hardly in control of himself, so how can he possibly lead the country?…(answer, he can’t & he isn’t)  And the president’s attitude of denial is the very worst approach our president could have taken on the path to hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans dying:
The greatest generation who had to battle their way through the Great Depression & WWII, those parents, grandparents & ancestors made huge sacrifices in preserving our free society.  If we’re still a great nation, we must rise again to meet the challenge now presented before us.  If that means restrictions like wearing masks or staying home, so be it, which actually is a relatively small price to pay compared to what Americans went through in the 1940’s.  Is that really too much to ask in the midst of a national emergency?  C’mon now!  It’s the least we can do considering the potential consequences of not rising to the occasion:
Preserving the greater good & democracy for future generations often requires sacrifice, something we’re seeing Trumpeters in particular having a hard time comprehending.  The U.S. has 4% of the world’s population & around 1/4 of the total deaths, now numbering 140,000+ & yet many are still discounting, denying &/or ignoring it: & also see  What is wrong with those people?  Are they really that callous & heartless?  Trumpian echo-brainwashing is obviously powerful enough to feed & advance a cult.  Here are important reports on where we currently stand with this virus pandemic:
Recent Great Polling but We’ve Got to Keep Working It
The GOP is just not the same party.  But the conservative base has been duped by Trump & his echo into thinking things are just hunky dory, being oblivious to the way echo-rhetoric has dragged the party so far to the radical-right, their viewpoints & attitudes have ceased being viable.  It’s very possible the party has gone so far off the rails as to be unsalvageable:  As a lifelong GOP supporter, I don’t even recognize the party anymore.  Many of us never-Trumpers are so repelled by the current Trumpian party, we’re willing to crawl through a field of broken glass to vote Dem in November.  And not just Uncle Joe, but up & down the ticket.  The GOP has become some sort of twisted rogue monster that America itself should not want to become.
So yes, Trumpism & extremist ideologies are steadily destroying the GOP:  The prez gets overwhelming support from those within his own party, but that’s only because anyone with half-a-brain has already left the GOP.  Among voters, the Dems lead in party identification has grown into the double-digits:  Those who stubbornly remain GOP supporters, if they want to be honest with themselves, it’s time for them to admit they made a mistake in 2016 which shouldn’t be repeated again.  Let’s bury the remnants of Trumpism so the GOP has a chance at revival through rediscovering popular policy positions, honesty, integrity & sanity.  The motivation for us to get out & vote Dem should be through the roof far more than any other election year!
Some of the same polls which were a dead heat just a few months ago now give Biden a double-digit lead:  And here’s a very strong electoral college projection:  Plus in this past week’s NBC/WSJ poll, 50% said there is no chance they would vote for Trump:  Trumpeters can be in denial all they want, but those kind of poll numbers make it very hard to win.  It sure seems like most people are firmly entrenched in who they’re voting for, with the majority adamantly opposed to Trump is probably baked in the cake.  At least for the first time in his presidency, he’s doing a much better job of uniting the American people:  Much of what Trump has been saying lately is practically incoherent, revealing either a declining mental state or his sense of desperation, perhaps even both:
The widening lead for Uncle Joe in recent polling is very encouraging, but we can’t rest on our laurels.  All sorts of cheating is sure to come on the right, from Russian interference to voter suppression:  Trump even hints at accepting the election results only if he wins: & also see  It’s also plain to see Trump ads & the echo are misrepresenting/smearing/lying about Biden’s record & policy positions: & also see  Another main concern is the effect the virus has had on hindering voter registration, so it’s imperative Americans make sure they get registered in time, which we should encourage people to do so.  The rational side in favor of protecting American democracy outnumbers the corrupt demagogic side, so we win as long as those who’ll vote for Uncle Joe & the Dems are inspired to vote.


This is the one election where it makes no difference whether you’re an independent, long-time Dem or long-time Republican like I was, everyone who loves our country & wants to preserve our constitutional democracy, Biden is the only logical choice!  But do not get complacent over Uncle Joe’s lopsided lead we’re seeing in the polls.  If anything, the shock & surprise we felt after the 2016 election results should drive us to a higher level of participation, not taking anything for granted.  Perplexingly, there are somehow voters still out there willing to continue the destructive string of disasters we’re seeing.  Trumpeters apparently love the 20,000 lies, bitter & widening divisions, unparalleled corruption, 140,000 deaths & crashed economy which their king is primarily responsible for, looking for more of the same another 4 years.  So it’s up to us anti-Trumpers who understand what’s really going on to save Trumpeters from themselves.  Whenever they do finally come to their senses, they can thank us for our sound judgement someday. 
Trump is always pointing fingers for his woes, but he really has nobody else to blame but himself.  Changing campaign managers won’t do much, the problem is with the candidate!:  Could we have picked a worse president in 2016?  Probably not.  I would even venture to say 99% of Americans could have been trusted more to serve as our president, since their moral character & conscience are at a higher level than Trump’s.  Please join us in spreading the word to our fellow Americans about the true nature & inherrent dangers of our current prez, since our nation cannot afford & might even be destroyed by a second term.  We have a 100-day sprint to the finish, from which sharing information like what’s found in this blog might be the very most important thing we can do from now until November.  Please do not miss this moment & live to regret it.  The price of Trump being reelected would likely bring on more unimaginable catastrophes & tragedies for all Americans.  Catch these updates on the campaigns & polling, from which there is a lot here:
Here is perhaps the most respected pollster:Cook Political Report Electoral College Ratings: Biden -- 279 Electoral College votes, Trump -- 188 Electoral College votes, Toss-up -- 71 Electoral College Votes
The Chicks Are Back!
There’s probably no better word to describe Trump than Gaslighter!  It’s a new song/album from a group we haven’t heard from in awhile:  Don’t these lyrics seem to describe Trump, especially with what Mary Trump said in her book about Trump’s father:
You’re such a
Doing anything to get your ass farther
Big timer
Repeating all of the mistakes of your father
You broke me
You’re sorry but where’s my apology
You liar
The Anti-Trump Group