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Yes, there is too much spending in the spending bill.  And yes, our rising debt is bankrupting the country.  Conservatives in Congress should be assigned to rein in this massive spending.  But the House Freedom Caucus & other extremists have gone so far off the rails, they’ve ostracized & marginalized themselves.  With their my way or the highway approach, they’ve stubbornly refused to negotiate in good faith & seek bipartisan solutions.  So in order to get any legislation passed, it usually requires removing these far-right nudniks from the discussion instead of them being involved in the decisions.  Getting the votes to pass something requires moving to the middle with bipartisan legislation, leaving the radicals behind.  The aftermath of the tea party movement gave us those radical politicians, a cheerleading echo & President Trump.  But it failed to give us rational/pragmatic ideas & solutions pursuing the common good to fix our many problems.


Commenting on a few of the Related Articles, the huge number of March For Our Lives articles are more toward the bottom.  Inside the link wealth-inequality-is-as-prominent-as-ever-but-you-wont-see-that-on-tv I pulled out the following excerpts, which fall under the umbrella our political leadership & cable TV news should talk a lot more about the kitchen table issues faced by most working-class families in America.  The more it’s discussed, the better our chances of finding viable solutions.  Most politicians & pundits tend to avoid such discussions of integral economic issues, since there are no easy answers.  The statistics are stark & getting worse on our wealth disparities, so how much more evidence do we need the lower-middle classes do not have ready access in our modern-day economy to American prosperity?:


Economic inequality in the United States has grown substantially in recent decades, with little sign of any promising improvement. The wealthiest 1 percent in the country now own 40 percent of the nation’s wealth, and shares of their wealth have increased, as as the bottom 90 percent have gotten poorer. Even more troubling, the combined wealth of the bottom 90 percent of American households still falls short of the wealth owned by the top 1 percent. Concentrated wealth breeds concentrated political power, which is inherently contradictory of how a Democracy is designed to operate. This is not the reality that is often presented on major cable news networks, despite the fact that it’s an issue that impacts practically all Americans.


Of course, a story about the working-class family that struggles to put dinner on the table, or keep the house warm, is less sensational and less sexy than President Donald Trump’s alleged extramarital affair with a porn actress. But the reality is that 78 percentof full-time working Americans have said they live paycheck to paycheck. This highlights a clear imbalance of priorities, which is not to suggest that Stormy Daniels’ legal battle with a sitting president is not newsworthy, but the variance is as obvious today as it’s ever been, as Trump can direct the narrative on any given day with a single tweet.


These excerpts from donald-trump-governing-strategy explain how Trump creates a false reality to embellish himself:


“The final key to the way I promote is bravado,” Donald Trump wrote in his 1987 book, “The Art of the Deal.” “I play to people’s fantasies.” What was true of Trump the flamboyant Manhattan real estate magnate is now true of Trump the president of the United States. From big, beautiful border walls to “total and complete” Muslim bans, Trump has made a habit of sweeping promises that net headlines, only to deliver more modest results. Sometimes, it’s because Trump’s rhetoric meets the reality of policymaking or the courts. Other times, it’s because Trump is making a grand opening bid in negotiations. And often he just loses interest. But Trump’s habit of overpromising and underdelivering has created a credibility gap unknown to the presidency in the modern era.


“He is this unique amalgam of being an egomaniac and being wildly insecure all at once,” said Tim O’Brien, who wrote the 2005 Trump biography “TrumpNation.” “And he has this need, I think, in front of people to win them over almost regardless of who they are, and in that moment he’s quite happy to do that.” “He doesn’t really do anything meaningful to try to follow up because he’s not patient and he’s not tactical,” O’Brien added. “It’s just Trump being Trump.”


The article trump-economy-elites-anti-establishment-larry-kudlow with a paragraph posted below, helps point out the irony Trump appealed to blue-collar workers by promising to make their lives better, but now we wind up with Kudlow as economic adviser, whose stale trickle-down vision actually works in favor of the wealthy elite against these workers:


Fantasizing about the vicimization of venture capitalists isn’t what got Donald Trump elected in 2016. But by appointing Kudlow, the president seems to be betting that the substance of the populist narrative doesn’t matter as much as does the superficial rhetoric of the thing. And so, before our eyes, the bitter blue-collar gripes of the Steve Bannon era are being exchanged for the sunny supply-side credo of Larry Kudlow. One form of populism growls darkly about “American carnage”, the other burbles about the day big business is liberated from arrogant regulators, but both pretend to despise elites, and maybe that’s all that matters.


On the other hand, there are political updates that hit the newsfeeds Monday which could wind up justifying the faith blue-collar workers have placed in Trump.  With the prez playing hardball with China over unfair trade practices, it looks to have gotten their attention, bringing them to the table in trying to ward off a trade war.  That’s why the markets rebounded Monday.  Such posturing by this administration really might end up helping blue-collar workers by getting more factories humming again.  See the group of links in the Related Articles below about negotiating with China.  American political leaders have avoided this issue for decades as China picked our pockets, causing our factories to close with millions of workers losing their livelihoods.  It’s what I wrote about in last week’s commentary from part 3 about the trade war.  So this could be a vitally important issue that not only has Trump brought attention to, the White House may be on the road to striking a deal with China leveling the playing field on trade.  And it’s something that really should have been done a long time ago: finally-a-president-willing-to-combat-chinese-theft.


There’s also a group of links about the spending bill.  Nobody in DC comes out looking good committing to such big spending (call-it-the-omni-bust-spending-bill), but as much as they try to blame Congress & the establishment, nobody is more of a liar than the prez on this issue & most other issues.  He lied about wanting a gun control bill, lied about wanting a DACA bill, lied about Mexico paying for the wall & lies about most everything else, to the point the words of our president have no meaning, since much of what he says are proven untruths.  In those interviews with the women accusers shown during this past week, it also shows how he lied about his affairs.  Trump has already been caught with more than 2500 verifiable lies since his inauguration.  He’s probably been lying all along about his campaign’s connections to Russia.


In the Related Articles below are a large number of articles about Saturday’s rallies & marches.  March For Our Lives drew huge crowds, with nearly a million in DC & perhaps millions more in cities around the U.S. & the world: march-for-our-lives-crowd-bigger-trump-inauguration-according-to-officials.  It was an extremely powerful message about the safety of our kids in their schools & on the streets.  A number of the speakers, even though they’re students, would already be far better leaders for America than Trump is.  Emma Gonzalez for one has displayed more leadership skills on the tip of her little finger than Trump has in his entire body: Survivor-marks-6-minutes-of-strength-and-silence-at-rally.


Being cheerleaders for Trump & the radical fringe of the GOP, Fox fake news was bending over backward on Saturday to avoid the student rallies & refute their message, since they cower to the NRA crowd as much as GOP politicians do.  A rightwing commentator I once respected said over the weekend of this movement sparked by the Parkland students, who are calling on restrictions to weapons like AR-15’s after seeing their classmates sprayed with bullets, from which came some crazy idea the kids would be better off taking CPR training instead of leading rallies: rick-santorum-guns-cnntv.  Like that’s going to help someone who’s been pulverized by an AR-15? (doctors-rip-santorum-for-suggesting-students-learn-cpr-over)  Everywhere we look, we continue to see proof GOP spokespeople & their base have taken up extremist positions on most issues, as they’ve seemingly lost their minds stemming from being mesmerized by relentless echo-spin.


As for the purpose of these marches, universal background checks & banning assault rifles have to be at the forefront of the basic discussion, & politicians who continue to avoid those talks should be voted out.  GOP politicians have a basic choice before them.  Either buck the NRA & support passage of some reasonable comprehensive gun reform, or else be part of a bloodbath in November when we elect new leaders advancing the will of the people, which the coming blue wave will only be enhanced by energized young people voting in record numbers.  Women & minorities along with all of us horrified by what the GOP has become, a loud message is about to be sent: poll-two-thirds-say-gun-policy-is-important-to-their-vote.  In being so tone deaf, the GOP should rightly become the minority party, if not disintegrate altogether.  It’s time to get leaders who’ll do the bidding of the USA & not the Trump NRA team.  And as these student leaders were rallying the nation in taking steps toward keeping us safe from gun violence, our nation’s top leader ignored those rallies while being more interested in getting a few pars during his golf round: trump-arrives-at-florida-golf-club-as-hundreds-of-thousands-march-on.


I really thought the turning point for sensible gun laws would come after Newtown & the senseless slaughter of elementary school kids.  But the GOP hid behind their phony/outdated interpretation of the Second Amendment, serving in the shadow of the NRA & given cover by their evil echo, spreading lies & conspiracies where one Alex Jones called Newtown a hoax.  It’s time to purge the airwaves of the demented rhetoric coming from the likes of Jones & Hannity, since the evil they spew is greatly harming America & their ignorance is infiltrating the simple minds of their listeners.  We must expose their asinine & deranged blathering so that audience will become informed enough to quit tuning in, where these echo-knuckleheads will be forced off the air having their credibility in tatters & seeing their ratings plunge.  And our prez has proven abysmal as a leader, so don’t expect any new gun initiatives coming from him as he hides behind the echo & his Trumpeter base.  But March For Our Lives looks to be a turning point in finally generating momentum to toughen gun laws.

3 Songs from the happenings this past weekend….

With two major events over the weekend getting huge attention, please hear the old songs we picked in honor of what we just witnessed.  One song shares the same opinions the March For Our Lives ralliers had.  Then there was the Stormy interview on 60 Minutes, which a song in front of a packed stadium may represent what Trump was thinking at the time he was cheating on his wife with Stormy, Karen McDougal & who knows how many untold others.  The other song may be what Melania was thinking at that time, when she was caring for her newborn son as her husband was out galavanting around.  So enjoy these tunes those my age would remember.


march for our lives song with Lynyrd Skynyrd


march for our lives with luther ingram


march for our lives with crystal gayle


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