We State the Truth to Refute the Lies!!!…Without Fox fake news & the rest of the evil echo, we’d never have to worry about an autocratic dictator turning us into a fascist society.  Our democratic institutions plus the people’s belief in the truth & common good could always repel any power-grabbing assaults on our Constitution.  But with the conservative base now living inside their delusional, fact-free, hermetically-sealed bubble, it leaves the door open for a corrupt demagogue to step into the role of rogue tyrant by playing to that base.  The evil Fox is a reality & big part of America’s problem by instigating our bitter divides through alternative facts, so we need to find an effective way for dealing with them:
That audience which tunes into these shows &/or social media sites are often totally engrossed in the falsehoods & feigned outrage even to the point of being brainwashed.  Plain & simple, their fealty to a corrupt demagogue & massive far-right propaganda machine could give rise to an authoritarian dictator.  There’s no logical way to explain why all those Trumpeters buy into the constant onslaught of lies, but it’s become very dangerous to the future of our democracy.  Those most hooked on their favorite medium must get a high off the anger & hatred that fuels them when they hear/see the demonization of their political opponents, so those types we’re better off avoiding since they’ll likely never come around to realizing how wrong they are.  But the wavering echo-fans still open to facts, they’re the ones we can still rescue by sharing our information.
Trump’s attitude, behavior & personal traits match other autocrats down through history.  He’s a temperamental, narcissistic egomaniac who commands total submission from smitten toadies, while ruthlessly punishing any hint of opposition.  Certain select loyalists are given high positions of power to help carry out their master’s marching orders full of nefarious demands, as our current prez packs the courts, intelligence community & legislative branch with the most devoted puppets.  He also craves to control the messaging, a master of propaganda & gaslighting who elevates his most sycophantic media to state-run status while discrediting far more credible news sources.  I truly believe Trump dreams of becoming the American fuhrer with his chosen gestapo doing his bidding, from which America would fall into a very dark place. 
Lacking a moral compass while seeking to divide & conquer, the prez is a con man, a madman, a bully & a ruthless demagogue, the embodiment of a dangerous confluence from being both mob boss & cult leader.  Despite his numerous, unique & obvious faults, the prez always sees himself as doing no wrong & never needs to apologize for anything, even doubling down on his most destructive tendencies.  He basks in the accolades & cheers from cult members, feeding his massive ego while empowering this horrifying renegade crusade against our Constitution.  Those Trumpeter rally-goers are crazed, mesmerized & scary beyond belief, but it’s alarming to know there are millions out there with the same entrenched/delusional mindset!
The more Trump & his henchmen are desperate to cover-up the ever-increasing proof of crimes, the more they lie, deny & attack those seeking the truth who are not part of their master’s compliant cult.  The smears/distortions against Dems, the media, wavering Republicans & truthful impeachment witnesses have ratcheted up as we keep learning more about Trump’s bribery/extortion scheme with Ukraine.  The end of the trial won’t stop even more criminal evidence from coming out.  If Trump’s loyal base, senators & echo get their way by excusing their king’s egregious crimes against America, it truly sets a dangerous precedent that trashes our constitutional rule of law while paving the way for tyrannical fascism to take hold, whether it’s with Trump or a future deceiving, corrupt, power-grabbing president that might come along. 
Our once-stable democratic institutions have reached a breaking point under 3 years of this president, along with our checks & balances being put under tremendous stress.  And this inexplicable & slobbering loyalty the GOP base has for Trump, is indeed reminiscent of the rabid support citizens of the Nazi Party had for their fuhrer in 1930’s Germany: https://www.thevoracs.com/part-2-we-may-be-headed-for-big-trouble/.  Just watch tapes of Hitler’s speeches & compare to a Trump rally, the similarities are striking.  I’m not saying this could evolve into genocide, but the risk of tyranny is real!  So America beware, as such an embrace of serial lying, corruption, crimes & turning a citizenry against each other are destined to end badly. 
Trump has often called the media the enemy of the people, infuriated that reporters would dare do their jobs by calling out the president’s persistent lies & misdeeds.  But now it’s become clear to see the real enemy of the people is not just our prez, but the entire Republican Party, basically becoming enemies to democracy itself.  They’ve literally become slaves & cohorts to Trump & his media echo.  It’s all of them collectively that have willingly sacrificed their principles who are to blame, bowing to & making a blood sacrifice to their sinister king, from politicians to surrogates to pundits & the Trumpeter base.  We just need to call them out & hopefully penetrate their bubble, so even just a few of them might be retrieved back to the sane real world.  So while Trumpeters vilify any of us who don’t submit to their king’s wishes, we can call them out for denying truths. 
I say all this as a lifelong GOP supporter, since Trump & the evil far-right echo have changed the party so drastically as to be not recognizable from its former self, now standing up for division, dishonesty, nihilism, corruption & extremism.  It’s simply a party I can no longer comprehend how any rational, pragmatic, & morally sound American can still support.  Yes, it’s truly a disastrous situation for Trump backers & our society as a whole, since most of them have no clue to the evil they support.  Plus they now routinely deny facts.  Let’s work together in spreading truths before watching our democracy die.  Among those of us in the know, we must not discount the threat!  And for those who still think Trump isn’t dishonest & corrupt, truly an imminent danger to our democracy?…Check out these many links & let us count the ways:
He’s also Very Possibly a Rapist
I’d certainly believe her over him.  Much like Monica’s blue dress cracked the prior impeachment case, let’s see the DNA evidence from this current allegation to find out:
Fox Fake News & the Entire Echo Keep Spreading Their Lies & Carnage
We’ve become a very polarized society, which the right-wing echo is primarily to blame for our divisions.  They’ve snookered the conservative base into thinking exaggerations & falsehoods are true, so facts to them are easily dismissed when it doesn’t fit in with their accepted tribal narrative.  The fawning cheerleading for Trump is especially outrageous, appalling & nauseous.  And the gullibility inside the echo-bubble is perplexing & disturbing, as when buffoonish echo personalities tell us something as ridiculous as 1+1=3, their doting audiences actually believe them with unconditional agreement.  We must expose Fox & the entire echo for who they really are, DAMN LIARS!!!:
Some Pastoral Leaders Do Not Stray from Their Moral Values, While Others…?
We’ve posted a mixed bag below.  From the articles here, I think it’s easy to see which Christians maintain their integrity & which ones don’t.  Among those where insanity has run amok, they’re following somebody’s marching orders, but it’s obviously not coming from the Good Lord: