Evil-Echo Empire Update

Had Hillary won the election & this much suspicious evidence had come out pointing towards her campaign colluding with the Russians, echo-world would have wall-to-wall coverage calling for her to be put before a firing squad.  Come to think of it, she didn’t win & a former Trump advisor & loyal cheerleader did recently call for Hillary’s execution on Insanity Hannity’s show last week.  And that the echo still has an obsession & conniption fits over Hillary despite her not being President, with some of their drummed up scandals going back seven years & may have nothing to do with Hillary.  It just goes to prove how coordinating their narrative with the White House in smearing their long-time favorite villain Hillary, since they’ve preconditioned their doting followers to think she’s the devil herself, is a surefire strategy for distracting attention.  It offers up that shiny object which steers Trumpeters/echo-audiences away from the escalating scandal that could doom Trump’s presidency.  So Trump pundits & echo-commentators will continue their shameless pandering by telling their gullible viewers/listeners/readers the biggest scandal of our lifetime is actually a fake story, that the real scandal must be contained somewhere within the Hillary emails-Benghazi-uranium-oppo research & anything else they can dig up, including the former story on the child sex ring she operated out of a pizzeria that one overly-exuberant fan shot up the place.  He’s now in jail.  This day with some of the biggest headline stories we’ve heard in a long time, Fox still kept dredging up anti-Hillary nonsense.

And after today’s events, the echo will go hard at smearing Mueller, which will again be an onslaught of lies.  But all those calls for firing Mueller just went from impractical to ridiculous.  Even Trump’s most loyal congressional supporters must acquiesce the investigation is producing fruit & must be allowed to play out.  But in conjunction with the echo they’ll work overtime to try & distance the President from the breaking news today.  Much like they previously did with Manafort, they’re weaving a narrative about Papadopoulos I hardly knew ya.  They’re painting him as a low-level temporary campaign assistant with no real influence & no ties directly to the President (although Trump once cited him as among the group of his great foreign security advisors).  If the White House & echo wanted to spin my secure marriage of 30 years, they could claim I barely knew her & we’ve hardly spoken, so it’s rather obvious she’s really had no influence on my life.  I don’t know which we should find scarier, that Trump minions are so blatant in their lying, or that Trumpeters & the echo-crowd are so unquestioningly accepting of those lies.  Similarly, if the echo told their audiences the President never met Melania & doesn’t ever recall speaking to her, many in that world would probably believe it.  In their convoluted falsehoods, Fox morning & evening hosts have been totally given over to an evil spirit of deception, with Sucker-Insanity-Ingrate now forming an intolerable prime-time.  But we have to wonder how Huckabee’s daughter feels about going out in front of the press corps every day to lie.  Much like the quote I really like from George Bernard Shaw seen with yesterday’s comments on my blog page with a picture of Insanity Hannity in the background, “Beware of false knowledge, it is more dangerous than ignorance.”

Whether it’s the culture of sexual debauchery going on behind the scenes, or the lying & trivial diversions taking place on the air, Fox has indeed been shown to be the evil network, which I fear that evil spirit is spilling over into the inner person of their viewers.  But it’s a free country, so just like Satan worshipping or Ouija boards are perfectly legal, so is watching Fox News.  And we cannot declare stupidity illegal.  So I’m just trying to warn people to stay away from nefarious things for their own good, because as we’ve seen repeated exposure to the relentless deceptions can destroy a person’s heart, mind & spirit, plus negatively impact all those around them.  And last but not least in the articles below, Boehner just said what I’ve said for years, Insanity & Dimbulb have gone off the rails over to the dark side.  Even senile old Pat Robertson has gone over to the dark side, as rather than shutting down the Russian investigations as he suggests, the network should shut down his goofy show.  As for Trump, what we must guard against is a raging president trying to run roughshod over our law enforcement by trying to torpedo the investigations.  That would trample on the rule of law & Constitution while signaling an aggressive move towards establishing his own fascist dictatorship.  I keep warning don’t think it couldn’t happen here in America, so let’s watch for any actions from Trump that would signal an authoritarian takeover!  In his rage & with Bannon’s urging, he might go to war against our legal system & free press, which would literally be declaring war against America & its people.  We’re at risk of being attacked by both Russia & our own president at the same time.  Until he’s safely removed from office, we must stay on guard….

Economy Section
No comments tonight with the other big news, we just need to hold GOP leaders accountable for putting good ideas in their bills.  Always be leery of them working on behalf of their wealthy donors instead of the rest of the American people.  The system is already benefitting the rich far more than the struggling working class.