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It’s late Wednesday night & the news is again a bit overwhelming.  Since our Part 3’s are about the economy & virus pandemic, once again that’s where most of our comments & links can be found.  We’ll keep our commentaries quite a bit shorter tonight than what we presented a couple nights ago (, which here in Part 1 we’ll post no new links.  We’ve reserved our first section for news of more Trump crimes, which we’re confident will be uncovered someday soon.  After all, the archives from our previous Part 1’s going back years have thousands of articles practically proving Trump has committed multiple crimes.  Lest you doubt me, go back & review our Part 1’s in the past.  Otherwise, we’ll jump down to Part 2.
Part 2
Liar Liar, Pants on Fire…The number of Trump’s lies in office hits another milestone:  Do the math & our president since inauguration day 2017 has averaged over 15 verifiable lies per day!  It’s even hard to wrap our minds around such a large number, since lying for Trump is almost like breathing to the rest of us.  He lies because he’s a narcissistic megalomaniac always creating a false reality to deify himself.  He gets away with it because the echo-media & Trumpeter base blindly follow along like compliant sheep, trusting unconditionally even if their master leads them to ruin.
As a lifelong GOP supporter who in recent years has detected how that party has lost their values along with their sanity, I’ve paid very close attention & have fortunately managed to escape their cult, but others within the Republican base have not been so lucky.  All of us current non-Republicans who can see things through a rational lens, we have the facts on our side, so in sharing credible info like what’s presented inside these links might help inform those who’ve been duped, so please get involved since we really could do some good in this critical election year.  This first set of links, as this blog always shows in Part 2, features a number of moves which display Trump’s authoritarian instincts.  It should help serve as a clear warning how support for Trump could evolve into a ticket to fascism:
Fox Fake News & Other Deranged Pundits
Fox & the rest of the echo media have gone totally off the rails with their extremist messaging.  But their nonsense has so permeated the conservative base, they’ve loaded most of the Republican Party on a spaceship that was launched into a distant galaxy, far removed from the realities here on Planet Earth.  See these lying scumbags being caught in their own lies:  And here are more articles about those crazy far-right nudniks lost in never-never land:
Part 3
Even Among All the Desperation & Suffering, the Oligarchs Still Find a Way to Pilfer
The GOP has consistently sided with large corporate interests in their crony-capitalist utopia, which allows the rich & powerful to not only exploit their workers, but run roughshod over smaller business competitors.  Apparently GOP politicians can’t help themselves, they’ve been preprogrammed to kowtow to their big donors.  What is it going to take before the GOP base finally realizes their party is not really working on their behalf, but always places the priorities of billionaires above theirs?  With the echo-media all in on promoting this economic structure which advances an emerging oligarchical Gilded Age, Trump & his party are given cover to pull off their bait & switch shenanigans.  Like the Sheriff of Nottingham stealing from Robin Hood, GOP politicians & their rich friends are stealing from the American middle class. 
Yes, we realize the mantra of free markets, the American Dream, individual initiative & work hard to get ahead sound all well & good, but not when the oligarchs use those narratives to take advantage of the snookered masses by rigging the system.  That’s why we should be sharing this info & come November, it’s time to send Republicans packing if we can show GOP & independent voters the facts.  Here are some of the facts that have surfaced on the stimulus package, as the GOP slipped through some juicy giveaways to the wealthy which they had tried to hide.  No wonder the $349 billion for small business loans from the stimulus bill were used up so fast, with the big guys siphoning revenues off the top for themselves:
The Rest of the Economic Links
Coronavirus Pandemic Made Worse Than It Should Have Been Here In America
Some echo-knuckleheads are floating the narrative out there the death count on this Coronavirus will likely be similar to the seasonal flu.  What they conveniently overlook is without the social isolation orders by governors & local officials, it’s likely the U.S. fatalities would have skyrocketed into the hundred thousands if not the millions.  They also ignore had our president reacted to the crisis weeks earlier than he did when top officials repeatedly warned him the virus was going to hit us, we likely could have stemmed the spread & held the death toll down to far lower levels than what occurred.  Trump’s failures are well-documented, unmistakable & irrefutable:
Echo-morons are also pushing along with Trump for a premature reopening of the economy, even before we get the virus under control, or put in place a mass testing program allowing for isolation & contact tracing to arrest any further spread in its tracks:  The prez seems adamant about a rolling May 1st reopening with no consideration to the health risks, a dangerous set of misplaced priorities:  As Gov. Cuomo stated, if we do something stupid, the numbers will shoot right back up.  And why would we reopen before the mass testing program is in place?  The initial bungled testing under Trump’s leadership is what allowed the virus to get away from us in the first place, so the last thing our country needs is to set the stage for a second wave of outbreaks:
As we keep correctly pointing out, our president’s leadership throughout has been inadequate, dishonest, dismissive & contradictory, to the point his leadership has been AWOL:  Another example, whatever happened to the prez hyping a Google website which directs people to drive-through test sites in the parking lots of major retailers throughout the country?  That idea Trump claimed a month ago was just about ready to launch actually turned out to be pure hype.  As for hopeful progress, perfecting an in-home or drive-through saliva test would be a huge help.  Plus we need a reliable antibody testing initiative for determining who has developed immunity & can be cleared to go back to work.  And we can only hope effective treatments & vaccines come sooner than later. 
But especially on the continuing tepid testing issue, at a time we desperately need a federal mandate coming from on high, Trump is passing the buck & pushing the responsibility onto the states.  And despite Trump’s claims, our testing is inexplicably still lagging way behind where it needs to be, with his leadership void being a main stumbling block.  So again I ask, why does he incessantly harp on reopening the economy while ignoring the vital testing component?  The number of tests per day has actually been declining in America lately, plus we’ve still tested a lower percentage of our citizens than many other countries.  But why?  In hindsight, maybe had we jumped on mass production of testing supplies at the first sign of a spread like South Korea did, like them we might be over the hump by now: & also see  But with incompetent White House management from the very beginning, maybe it’s just too late for us to ever catch up:
Trump is so focused on watching cable TV & concocting narratives to refute the reasons he screwed up the whole response in the first place, it doesn’t appear he’s doing anything to actually fight the virus & take the important steps in safely reopening the economy.  So where is that leadership & coordination to ramp up widespread testing which is essential for stopping the virus spread & saving the economy?:  Where’s the plan for anything to help get our lives back on the path to normalcy?  We’re not getting anything useful out of this president except for excuses, lies & BS!!!  In fact, he’s doing worse than nothing, since he’s doing nothing while gaslighting us at the same time, plus also threatening to put many more American lives at risk by reopening before the necessary safeguards are in place.  Those afternoon pressers have devolved into rambling happy talk in fantasyland.   
We do need to find out why the initial response & even the ongoing management of this crisis was so badly mishandled:  In this defining moment, our president through his indecisiveness & initially being oblivious to the crisis have virtually seen him melt away:  Yes, he missed his moment:  The end result is nothing short of a monumental tragedy.  It caused a great number of unnecessary deaths & made our economic shutdown more severe & longer lasting than it should have been.
And defunding the WHO in the middle of a pandemic could become more like an act of genocide, hamstringing an important international health organization just when they’re needed the most.  While his timing is terrible, this is one of many instances where Trump seeks a scapegoat to deflect away from his own mistakes.  Whatever delays the WHO was initially at fault for was mainly due to China’s lack of transparency.  So for political purposes since Trump is trying to switch the attention & blame on the WHO instead of himself, the prez is risking many more lives lost.  The dangers of this reckless move are explained in these links:
The Other News on the Virus
Election Projections
If America is dumb enough to reelect this guy, then as a nation maybe we’ll deserve to go down the drain, since we only brought this curse upon ourselves!  But let’s get active & not allow the hardcore extremists to take our country away from us, so please use as a key tool to inform & warn our fellow citizens.  The November election must be won against the corrupt forces of dangerous demagoguery!  Literally, our lives depend on it:  As a former Republican, I fully back the sentiments of these other former GOP’ers: & also see
Wisconsin could be the key pivotal state for the presidential election in November.  A good sign this week was a liberal judge winning a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat.  It looks like the GOP strategy backfired in trying to suppress the vote in that state, along with causing voters to risk their lives by standing for hours in long lines to vote.  It’s still way too early to draw any optimistic conclusions with Biden currently holding a slight lead in the polls, but the margin should be substantially higher than it is now.  Even with the disaster that is the Trump presidency, way too many voters still haven’t comprehended how bad it’s truly been.
With a slew of endorsements this week, the Dems have coalesced around their candidate earlier than they normally do, giving them a better opportunity to unite the party & build voter enthusiasm/registration drives around Uncle Joe.  And they are energized to turn out all due to Trump:  Elections do have consequences as we’ve clearly seen from the chaos & corruption that have ensued after America’s big mistake in the 2016 election, so our nation could not withstand a similar mistake this November.  Here are the updates:
Warren endorses Biden (, but will Biden run into the same challenges running against Trump as Warren would have?  Here were our comments on Warren’s problems vs. Trump when she first announced her candidacy early last year:


I Want a New Drug
Yes, to help start getting the economy back on track & save lives, we need much more virus testing, antibody testing, PPE, a new vaccine & a new drug: