Part 1
What Crimes?
As we’ve done for years, Part 1 is devoted to news about Trump’s crimes, which we do have a few new links here.  As Trump’s illegal behavior has taken a backseat to his failed management of the virus emergency, it’s the pandemic which is totally dominating the news cycle.  So that’s why our Part 3’s on the economy & the virus are taking up most of the space in our blogs, which is again the case as you can see below.  For those still in the dark asking what Trump crimes, I explained it so eloquently in Part 1 from last week’s post:  We’ve seen an abundance of crime all throughout this presidency, & I’m confident more is coming out once additional Trump illegalities come to light & make the headlines.
There’s a very dangerous precedent that has been set when the president has been caught committing multiple crimes, yet his cult allowed him to get away with them (so far).  Being let off the hook on the Russian/Ukrainian conspiracy & extortion schemes, has only emboldened Trump to ratchet up his corrupt power grab & assault on our democratic norms.  It has also no doubt emboldened our geopolitical adversaries like Russia to interfere yet again in our election campaigns.  And it’s likely to embolden future American presidents to follow Trump’s example by similarly bombarding us with dishonest gaslighting, vengeful bullying & corrupt demagogic plots, while treating the rule of law & Constitution as more of an afterthought &/or nuisance to be hurdled in usurping unbridled power.  So the Trump presidency likely has serious long-term consequences, paving the way for turning our great democracy into a far less law-abiding, moral & free society, something none of us would ever want to experience.  Here are a few updates worth checking out before jumping to Part 2:
Part 2
Not Just His Crimes, But Corruption & Tyranny Reign Supreme
Please do not be mistaken what my real intentions are.  I believe as a nation we need to destroy the GOP in order to save it, before this current deranged version of the Republican Party steadily destroys America.  I’ve been a lifelong Republican, but I could NEVER support this sick twisted brand of a sorry excuse for a political party.  Most other Republicans must be on autopilot by staying with the party they’ve always backed, not yet becoming aware how that party has changed dramatically for the worst.  Maybe we can help educate them by sharing this information.  Their current king has the full backing of his party, echo & Trumpeter base, despite the corruption coming from this administration running rampant & out of control, as Trump has stocked the swamp with far more swamp-like creatures & grifters than ever seen before in top DC leadership positions.
To those paying attention, it’s beyond comprehension how horrifying this Trump regime has been & it keeps getting worse, yet his cult keeps enabling him every step of the way.  As seen on CNN this morning, here’s the Stelter must-see weekly monologue from Reliable Sources:  Here at, we’ve been warning about all that’s been happening through commentaries & real news articles from real news sources with real journalists.  As seen back in the archives, with the thousands of links we’ve posted at the top of Part 2 the past few years showing how we’re dealing with a wanna-be dictator, I would hope anybody we have gotten/can get to check them out would clearly see what a threat this president is to our democracy:
As has been the case with every crazy conspiracy theory Trump & his echo have floated out there, the Flynn unmasking controversy hype has been thoroughly debunked:  Also among this week’s edition of links to articles here, we feature unmistakable signs of an unstable crackpot president, his authoritarian threat, concocted Obamagate, firing IG’s without cause, a corrupt AG & Secretary of State, while the leader of the free world (our country) is shrinking on the world stage:  So please peruse these titles & share, since all Americans need to see the truth how our rights & freedoms are truly under threat from Trump & his sinister henchmen.  Yes, this threat is very real, yet too few Americans even realize it or are taking this assault on our democracy with the seriousness it deserves, so let these warnings serve as a wake-up call.  We do have a ton of articles here, all representing & signaling the overwhelming number of dangers emanating from this White House:
Fox Fake News a Scourge on Our Nation
A big reason for this failed presidency is from Trump regularly making decisions based on what he hears on Fox fake news, a media force placing tribal viewpoints & grievances over the facts.  All the lies, distortions, exaggerations & conspiracies from the entire echo, it’s how Trumpeters are being brainwashed.  Fox as a network has turned into pure deceptive evil, selling their psycho rhetoric for the ratings & the revenue no matter how destructive their lies are to our nation.  Please warn others, that network is to be avoided at all costs, since their spinning of the news is usually the farthest thing from the truth.  Same thing goes for the far-right extreme conspiracists on talk radio & social media.  As always shown in the middle of Part 2, here is more incriminating evidence about Fox.  In this first article it sounds like he willingly engaged in a very bad week:
Media Fitting of a Dictator
Trump wants his own TV network to heap lavish praise on him no matter how badly he screws up, much like a brutal dictator (the rogue mass murderer our prez said he loves as they write their love letters back & forth) enjoys with the state-run North Korea TV.  They’ve spread stuff like when Kim Jong Un played 18 holes of golf for the first time, he scored 11 holes-in-one (he cheats worse than Trump as seen inside  But much like Fox has done in pushing back slightly on the infallible image of Trump, this North Korean newspaper has also gone off the reservation against their glorious leader:
Dictators demand total compliance from media messaging sources, creating a perceived superhuman persona & image of an omnipotent supreme leader for their bamboozled population to consume.  A press that’s not free is an important mechanism for any autocrat to deceive, control & suppress their people.  So as a wanna-be dictator & long-established egomaniac, Trump is jockeying for total compliance from Fox in crafting a glorious aura of perfection about him:  I guess it never dawns on Trump a so-called news network is supposed to report the news as it happens, not be a cheerleader lavishing undue & slanted praise: 
It’s Terrifying Such Far-Right Extremists Actually Exist In America
There really are people like this out there:, being inspired by demagogic forces from on high.  Of course, I’m referring to our prez & his extremist echo-news sources giving marching orders to their hardcore following of lunatic sickos.  In taking their cues from a leader often resembling a madman, these far-right radicals hardly acknowledge the tragic & rising death counts, plus often come across as treating those victims like they were practically dispensable: & also see  We can’t allow this culture of death to become the prevailing viewpoint among most of the American populace, or otherwise we’ll be lulled into complacency as we risk letting this virus spread to light up like a wildfire.  Pronouncing we live in a free country doesn’t give us license to indirectly kill others.  In these times, we should instead reflect & mourn for those we lost:
As for Trump’s ballyhooed announcement Friday (a whole two minutes before he scurried off stage), he was pandering to church leaders & their congregations (mostly directed at evangelicals) by demanding churches open immediately.  Our prez is in such a rabid/rapid hurry to open up everything, he’s not even paying attention to the health data anymore.  Almost every state doesn’t meet the original two-week guideline of declining infections before safely relaxing social distancing.  And as for churches, many of us can worship God remotely in these unique times without congregating into crowded spaces, so this notion of faith requiring attendance in the pews despite the risks seems like a very shallow form of misplaced faith.  The attitude God will protect us is also a bit off kilter, since God gave us brains & a free will to react to circumstances at hand, so we’re clearly tempting fate by engaging in the same type of risky behavior that we know for so many has ended in deadly outcomes.  And while evangelicals are espousing the voice of truth as they also listen to/comply with Trump, it generally ruins their Christian witness.  Plus they’re not following the creed love thy neighbor among their communities when they spread the virus.
These articles include actions & attitudes of various Trumpeters, those who are way out on the fringe even for Trumpeters.  Yes, these people are real weirdos, but we already knew that based on their unconditional trust in Trump.  And Trump himself is every bit as crazy as all these hardcore extreme, tea party, libertarian, alt-right, white supremacist, QAnon, 4chan, Russian bots, conspiracy-mongering, Confederate flag waving, Nazi sympathizing, gun toting, echo obsessed, virus spreading, deranged reality-bending wackos, since he’s the one most responsible for inciting this insane madness.  As we peruse these titles, let’s urge others who might be susceptible to please not become like these naive & reckless nudniks:
Part 3
Tragic Numbers Everywhere We Look
The numbers are piling up on Trump’s botched, floundering & catastrophic handling of this virus crisis, with 40 million unemployed & 100K deaths (& still rising).  He ignored the original intelligence reports & pushed back on the advice of health professionals all along, which such brazen disregard & ineptitude have resulted in one of the most disastrous presidential responses to a crisis in our nation’s history.  Echo-media & the Trumpeter base keep trying to cover-up or excuse their leader’s performance, but there’s no disguising the unprecedented magnitude of such historical incompetence.  As we recognize Memorial Day for all the brave soldiers who’ve fought & died for our freedoms, we should also have in our thoughts & prayers the families of those who’ve succumbed to this terrible virus:  I hope we’re not so callous as viewing this astronomical death toll updated regularly in the news as just a number, these were real people who were each helplessly swept up by a horrible pandemic:
We always begin our Part 3’s with the latest updates on the economy.  Trump’s inexcusable inaction on the virus was also complicit in this current economic collapse.  And despite his shameless pandering to the MAGA crowd, the prez has never pushed for policies to help those truly in need, be it the working class or small business.  His signing off on the stimulus packages were a foregone conclusion that passed Congress because the people had become desperate.  Despite the enormous liquidity pumped into the economy by the Fed finagling & stimulus bills, it hasn’t been targeted well enough to help most small businesses, which could be the recipe for a disaster in the making:  Too much of the money was absconded off by larger corporations as Trump’s swamp keeps getting swampier:  Much like his 2017 tax cut bill, everything Trump does on the economy has been found to favor his rich friends & donors:
As I’ve been harping on for years, despite some rosy economic numbers, the economy even pre-pandemic wasn’t really that great.  It has been a steadily increasing distorted/uneven economy where workers have largely been exploited, as roughly half of American families were struggling to make ends meet despite their participation in a system producing unimaginably enormous wealth.  It’s why I keep warning if we don’t successfully fix free market capitalism, the backlash will soon have us falling into some form of socialism which feeds a dependency mindset.  So we need to solve the core fundamental issues before out of frustration we fall for a model that might be even worse.  But top leadership in both the public & private sectors are doing a horrible job at seeking real solutions, probably because most fail to recognize we truly have a serious problem.  Or even worse, these crony capitalists are profiting from this gig & prefer keeping the oligarchy system in place that’s rigged in their favor.  The rancid swamp of grifters have greatly expanded under Trump:
The only real way to get our economy going again is to first get a handle on the virus:  From there, there’s then so much we need to change about our economy even when we recover from this economic nightmare & return to some semblance of normalcy, which this emergency which has completely upset the apple cart might just be the impetus we need to correct our long-term structural challenges.  As Americans, can we unite in agreement these are the types of fundamental new initiatives seen inside these links that need done?  When we look at these ideas objectively, what’s not to like in pursuit of the common good?  Especially since basically doing nothing as we’ve done for decades is not a viable option:
This economic shutdown is far more severe than any of us have ever seen.  Besides the financial destruction wrecking family budgets, perhaps equally disturbing is the future uncertainty & fear not knowing where all this is heading.  We need to take sensible precautions in helping stop the spread, while following the news closely for updates like as seen inside this large number of links on the economy:


President of the Death Cult
I make this bold statement about a death cult:, as the numbers back me up.  As of now on a Sunday night, we’re just about to hit 100,000.  Not only with Trump’s early stumbles by dismissing the virus threat that did cost us many lives & our economic vitality, but his ongoing governing of downplaying & even deriding the need for social distancing, more testing & wearing masks, all those missteps are also adding to the deadly consequences.  Yes, what we’re seeing from our president is deadly serious:  He’s certainly setting a very perilous example for the millions of Trumpeter followers:  My personal observations when I’m out & about, it looks like lots of people are back to their old routines & aren’t doing much social distancing, meaning we’re playing with fire.  It’s easy to fall back into old habits, so we need to constantly remind ourselves we’re still in a pandemic.  The next few weeks it will be important to monitor the expected spikes in infections & hospitalizations. 
The incredibly divisive us vs. them governing philosophy from on high only sabotages any type of coherent strategy in fighting this virus, keeping the death cult alive & well among the doting Trumpeter base.  Horrendous presidential leadership from the time Trump first received multiple warnings back in January right up through his bungled management even today as he virtually ignores the virus, have allowed the virus to ravage us practically unabated while directly contributing to untold thousands of unnecessary American deaths.  And this is an interesting & very dangerous dichotomy, where Trump has already ruled out an economic shutdown should the virus have a second wave:, which could result in this type of catastrophic carnage like a century ago:  
Speaking of deadly, there’s a very thorough report which came out on the drug Trump has been using & promoting:  The president’s bizarre obsession with hydroxychloroquine is perplexing, maybe he keeps hyping this disproven drug in refusing to admit he was all wrong about it in the first place: & also see  But we’ll no doubt see a number of health emergencies & even deaths among his Trumpeter fans, those who follow their leader’s lead in taking this treatment as a preventative: & also see   
More reckless signs of presidential irresponsibility came from his very brief announcement on Friday, opening up houses of worship without the authority over states or any guidelines on vital precautions which need taken during such gatherings.  Our prez in the midst of this virus emergency barely even acknowledges the virus or mounting deaths anymore, virtually abandoning his leadership role as he tries to pretend Coronavirus is going away or hardly exists.  As I keep emphasizing, such a delusional narrative sends the exact wrong message to his trusting base as they let their guard down, only escalating the coming infections & deaths.  Roughly half the states still report uncontrolled virus spread as they open up their economies anyway:  This is very risky posturing:, as this equation is seen playing out across the country when lack of social distancing + no masks = an utter lack of social awareness.  The prez is fueling much of these false narratives & dangerous attitudes, as he’s so caught up in image & optics, he consistently departs from the truth as his followers buy in. 
In countries run by a couple mini-Trump’s, Brazil & the U.K., they’ve become hot spots for the virus (not surprisingly): & also see  Another hot spot that has emerged is led by his good ole buddy Putin, which like America these 3 other countries initially denied the health threat & responded way too late.  Much of the rest of the world with responsible governing saw much fewer deaths or disruptions to their economies.  The lesson is quite clear, leaders who dithered & delayed confronting this virus head on caused needless & tragic suffering/hardships for their people.  It’s impossible to pinpoint what percentage of those we lost would have otherwise been saved, but it’s apparent bumbling/frozen leadership who allowed the virus to spread out of hand, is what led to what we’ve referred to as this death cult.
The variety of topics seen in the links below include masks & social distancing being used as a political cudgel:, there seems to be some suspicious altering of testing & infection data going on, the disturbing reality we could face a second wave, a risky muzzling of the CDC & Dr. Fauci, & researchers estimating an earlier lockdown would have saved many lives:  If the CDC is accurate in stating the risk of virus transmission from surfaces is low, that would be a huge sigh of relief:  I hope that new info about not catching this from surfaces is based on real science, not some Trumpist arm-twisting shaping a false narrative to get people out & about in public again.
In other news, governors continue to vastly outshine the president in the essential leadership role of fighting this virus.  Our president continues to pass the buck, place the blame on others, dismiss the science & create nutty distractions as a way to draw attention away from his own leadership failures.  Maybe Trump’s true motives in his rush to reopen putting many more thousands of American lives at risk, was he was itching to play golf again: & also see  Maybe you’ll recall during the previous campaign Trump derided Obama for playing golf, stating at that time he’d be too busy as president & wouldn’t have time for golf:  Overall, there’s nothing normal or good about this virus pandemic, or for that matter there’s nothing normal or good about the entire Trump presidency.  He continues to divide us without any type of coordinated national effort for fighting this virus pandemic:  And testing remains an uncoordinated hodgepodge mess:
This virus crisis has become perhaps the most impactful & monumental headline story of our lifetime, & as such the newsfeeds are overflowing with loads of articles about the pandemic which are played out in the enormous number of links we’ve posted here in Part 3, with all the economic articles seen above & the virus articles seen below (& also lots of campaign articles at the bottom before our 2 songs).  You’ll never see more relevant recent news all in one place than right here!  This is important news to stay on top of, since we’re all affected by this emergency & have a very uncertain path ahead of us, as we’ll be impacted by the lingering effects of what this virus brought for a very long time:
Sober Analysis
Renowned presidential historians reflect on Trump’s mismanagement of this crisis:
Great Rants
Schmidt & Carville unleashed, plus Mika is pissed!!!:
Election Expectations
The American people whom elected Trump to govern, it’s become rather apparent he only views them as a means to an end, since he only cares about himself.  His delayed/tepid response to the virus has already played a large role in the tragic deaths of 100,000 Americans.  And based on his current policy of focusing only on the economy & practically ignoring the virus, that strategy is expected to kill many more thousands of Americans.  I don’t think he cares that much about the deaths relative to his trying to win reelection.  I really don’t.  As a megalomaniac narcissist, he can’t see outside of himself, so the enormous pain & suffering he brings upon others seem to roll right off his back as though all those people are just collateral damage. 
This week Trump was trying to overrule state laws, declaring a couple states sending out election ballot applications to vote-by-mail was somehow illegal.  Actually, what he was threatening is illegal:  It had shades of the Ukraine shakedown, where he threatened to withhold federal funding unless those states ceded to his demands, basically amounting to an extortion scheme:  Assuming the virus is still spreading among us later this year, our president’s insistence for in-person voting would also needlessly put public safety at risk.  And overall the prez’s railing against voting by mail is nothing less than voter suppression, while his claim mail-in ballots run the risk of voter fraud is just a flat-out lie with zero evidence:  For Trump to harshly criticize mail-in voting, that could hopefully motivate a great many to register & vote by mail wherever it’s permitted. 
As a former Republican & maybe the biggest never-Trumper you’ll ever see, this article highlights our story:  Those who fret over Biden’s age & mental faculties, all I have to say about that is, people are actually worried about Biden when the alternative choice is Trump?  Personally, I’m fully behind Uncle Joe.  Serving as our VP, I never considered him much as presidential material & he’s always been a gaffe machine in motion.  This latest gaffe Uncle Joe quickly & appropriately apologized, which it’s here today & forgotten tomorrow.  But let’s hope the misstatements don’t get too insulting, since for whatever reason the media & public don’t let Biden get away with asinine comments like Trump can.  This you ain’t black quip as seen here isn’t even in the same league as some of the things Trump says or tweets regularly: & also see
But at least Uncle Joe has a big heart, empathy for others & cares about his country, so when it’s a binary choice we go with the one who’s clearly better (& way way way less dangerous).  And he’s not a corrupt demagogue.  As I’ve admitted for a long time now, it really doesn’t matter to me who Donald Trump’s opponent is, be it Donald Duck, Elmer Fudd, Barney Fife or Homer Simpson, anybody would make a better president than the current occupant.  Making America great again & any sort of transition to greatness can only be made possible without Trump in the White House.  As long as Uncle Joe doesn’t fall flat on his face & his gaffes don’t become too egregious, he’s been performing well with women & black voters, but lately we’ve seen older folks trending in his direction:, plus the higher educated:
Trump’s approval on his handling of the pandemic has been nosediving as the public clearly sees his leadership was null & void.  While all this way too premature polling on Trump vs. Biden is looking encouraging, I concur with what I heard James Carville say recently in his distinctive Louisiana drawl…The Dems don’t need to just win, they must end the scourge of Trumpism.  A decisive blowout win could discredit Trump’s talking-head pundits & reveal them for the grifting liars they truly are.  If that can allow conservatives to leave their fact-free delusion zone & return to the real world, we might be able to save the GOP along with our country.  No free society can survive for long when roughly 40% of the population are fully invested in disinformation, distortions & conspiracies, some of which are certifiably insane.  So for the sake of America, democracy, a free world & our future, we must crush Trumpocalypse:
These links include some latest polls, latest anti-Trump ads, the Dem’s great shot at taking the Senate, the president’s threats against Michigan & mail-in voting, plus we need to be alert to all manner of Trump dirty tricks & various attempts to discredit/steal an election:  Don’t put it past him, since he’s been known to cheat at everything:  If you don’t think the prez is capable of illegally hijacking an election to maintain power, you just haven’t been paying attention to who Trump really is:    
Songs Befitting of These Times

I’ve never been a fan of rap music, but the lyrics seem spot on:
I like an old classic like this one a lot more, offering up hope for a brighter future…