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Yes, There are Real Crimes that Were Committed…Here is our new message in what has now been cut back to a weekly post, with Part 1 always about Trump’s crimes, Part 2 on his tyrannical intent & evil echo-media, while Part 3 is regularly about the economy (which lately is dominated by the pandemic, so Part 3 takes up most of the space).  It was never my intent to include such an avalanche of live links in our blog posts, be it Parts 1, 2 or 3.  But in just this year alone, we’ve had an impeached president who committed irrefutable crimes being let off the hook by his tribal party cult, a pandemic emergency which will kill hundreds of thousands of Americans, an economic collapse which will rival the Great Depression, along with the most important presidential election in our lifetimes coming up….it sure does provide a lot to talk about!  Plus we have a chaos presidency who loves to steal the spotlight & fill up the newsfeeds.  Trump isn’t totally to blame for all these disastrous headlines, but he’s a major contributor to most of them.

I keep getting replies to my messages from a far-right-winger Cubs fan, who channels the preordained certified drivel which is constantly being paraded out & could only begin making sense inside echo-world.  As I keep saying we’re reserving Part 1 for new news on Trump’s crimes, Cubs fan keeps asking what crimes has he done?  As a long-time reader, he must have not been paying close attention to all our Part 1’s through the years, which offered up overwhelming & conclusive evidence of an entire string of Trump crimes.  So for the sake of Cubs fan, I pulled up links to several Part 1’s just this year where I described numerous examples of the Donald’s illegal behavior.  If Cubby wants to go back further in the Part 1 archives from previous years, there he could locate hundreds if not thousands of articles describing the crimes in detail as they were first hitting the headlines.  Just because indictments have yet to be handed down doesn’t mean there were no crimes. 

Yes, these crimes are real, not like the mind-numbing stupidity Trump has conjured up to smear his political opponents, which has Fox fake news breathlessly hyperventilating while conservatives accept as gospel (as seen in Part 2).  The prez’s illegal actions are actually so egregious, they should rightly be viewed as nothing short of betraying his country, from which he could still face legal jeopardy once he leaves office.  And that’s just on the crimes we know about, as I anticipate more bombshells will soon be uncovered that Trump-world’s unprecedented cover-ups had previously kept hidden:  Yes, this president’s crime spree is so relentless, by comparison he makes Nixon look like a saint.  So here’s our commentaries from 2020 for Cubs fan & should he need more concrete proof, he only needs to go back to last year’s Part 1’s during the heat of the Ukraine story, or the year before that when the Russian news was front & center:


Part 2

There’s No Rational Evidence Offering Credence to Even a Hint of Scandal or Crime as Trump Alleges

I do respect the office of the presidency as we all should.  But when the occupant has been proven to be a chronic liar, rude/vengeful bully & corrupt con man, as citizens we need to push back hard on his indiscretions.  Especially during an election year, we need to hit him with everything we’ve got, since our rights & freedoms could be forever tarnished with 4 more years of this unhinged leadership.  And most everything he says & does are designed to usurp unabridged power in relentless pursuit of shredding the balance of power, effectively crowning him king.  We are not a monarchy or dictatorship, nor do we ever want to be, which is why we need to fight against the evil intentions of unsavory leadership hellbent on taking us in that direction.  

Some distinguishing characteristics of authoritarian dictatorships are to grab the instruments of power while demanding unquestioned loyalty among puppet servants, teaming up together through words & deeds to repress any hint of opposition or disloyalty.  Is that a situation which should now be resonating with Americans?  Well, as we’re currently seeing, putting corrupt minions like AG Barr in powerful positions to do Trump’s bidding like going after political opponents is a classic autocratic maneuver.  Of course, it’s impossible to get away with such an devilish plot without the cooperation of compromised lapdogs in Congress & on the courts.  Even having achieved that, it would still take having a sycophant echo-media to deceive a large portion of the population.  Oh-oh, don’t look now, but the components of tyranny in our country are actually coming together.  We’re not that far away from having our Constitution shredded to pieces, which is what the reelection of Trump might lead to. 

Authoritarians are also masters of discrediting real news that report the facts, replacing it with propaganda lavishing their ruler.  This recent Obamagate alarmism is a real doozy, dredging up old offshoots of the preposterous & long-debunked conspiracy theories once known as spygate, crowdstrike, FISA-gate or any number of asinine fictional fairy tales the far-right extremists have perpetuated in recent years.  They keep throwing this stuff out there without an ounce of credible evidence, & even if there were something to them, where’s the crime?  This is all so surreal our nation’s leader & loyalists would be so given over to this brand of gaslighting & demonization!:  So yes, be fully aware all these outlandish allegations were long ago disproven, as there is absolutely nothing to this latest version of a kooky conspiracy…zero…nada!:  Even Trump’s loyal puppet AG Barr has decided this is all too crazy to pursue:

Despite the faux hype we keep hearing from the lying echo-media, all this nonsense was conjured up to try smearing Biden in particular, Obama indirectly, & the Dems in general:  Even though Trump would have us believe this was the greatest scandal in the history of mankind, in a few weeks him & his echo will come up with a new one.  Fortunately, thinking people know this rubbish is all bunk!  Those not paying attention or are naively being drawn into such wild conspiracies by right-wing media non-journalists in servitude to their king, they need to be set straight by seeing fact-based details as exposed inside these links.  The articles absolutely/positively blow this Obamagate fake-news fiasco out of the water & smash it to smithereens!  Those both perpetrating & buying into this nonsense shows a level of ignorance that’s difficult to comprehend, as all these accusations are so transparently phony it’s hard to believe we’re even bothering to report on them:–but-reality-is-causing-him-big-problems/


Flynn Farce

I guess the Flynn unmasking conspiracy is connected to Obamagate, or maybe not.  I really don’t know (& I’m not sure Trump even knows).  The whole thing is totally made up & so ridiculous, it really doesn’t matter.  And it doesn’t matter how much the echo-media tries to hype it, since it’s all fake!!!  They just can’t snap their fingers & magically make it true.  We do know the echo certainly has their fan base dialed in & riled up, because they’re being duped.  Truth be known, unmasking by the executive branch is rather routine & the Trump administration has done it at a higher rate than Obama did.  A concocted narrative like Flynn was somehow set-up is so obviously incorrect that it should have never seen the light of day, but Trump-world is effectively stirring up his base strictly for political purposes, as way too many conservatives snookered by the echo aren’t discerning enough to realize they’re being manipulated.

Since the echo so conveniently overlooks the facts, we’ll offer some much-needed perspective.  During the 2016 campaign, Flynn was regularly involved in shady communications with shady characters & shady connections, from which the Obama administration was simply trying to determine whether it was appropriate to brief Flynn, the incoming National Security Advisor, on highly sensitive classified information.  Then Flynn proceeded to lie about his many communications with Russians.  That aforementioned far-right-winger Cubs fan I referred to in Part 1, also replied last week with talking points on Flynn straight out of the echo playbook.  His perplexing/convoluted reasoning was quickly replied to by Brian Rosenwald, author of an excellent book on talk radio & who I sometimes catch on CNN’s Smerconish show.  Here was Brian’s response…

You know why they have no trust? A constant parade of misinformation. This Michael Flynn thing is a great example: there may well be a case for FBI reform. The FBI might’ve pushed legal boundaries, which would be a great hint that they do it even worse with John Q. Public. BUT all of this nonsense about a big scandal is insane. 

Fact 1: Obama openly warned Trump about Flynn. Not the actions of a giant conspiracy. 

Fact 2: Flynn pled guilty. Not the usual actions of an innocent man. 

Fact 3: Comey, Rosenstein, and Mueller = Republicans. And Comey is the guy who refused to sign off under excruciating pressure when GWB tried to get him to do something he thought was illegal. So he wasn’t going to do something if he thought it was problematic. Further, if he was trying to torpedo Trump, then why is it that he sent the Hillary letter to Congress 10 days before the election & the Trump investigation never comes out? Anyone with even half a brain trying to beat Trump does the opposite. 

Fact 4:

Would I like to see the conversation in question and the things that happened before it to create concern revealed to Judge Sullivan under seal? I would. But the whole conspiracy idea is nonsense. A made up conspiracy theory being fanned by people who have no experience in national security, most of whom don’t have law degrees, etc. But people believe them, not those with actual expertise and experience. It’s looney. 

Brian Rosenwald, Ph.D.
Editor Made by History
Author: Talk Radio’s America
Scholar in Residence 
Partnership for Effective Public Administration and Leadership Ethics
University of Pennsylvania

So the very same befuddled right-wing audience who has been taken in by Obamagate, they should also be instructed as to the facts on this Flynngate caper as seen in this next group of links.  Unfortunately, most of them seem so thoroughly indoctrinated into their tribal cult, they’d prefer believing the lies instead of admitting the truth.  We’re seeing when Trumpeters are locked away inside their hermetically-sealed bubble which has drifted off into an alternate universe, there is no reaching or reasoning with those seriously detached people, as they blissfully keep wallowing in the muck of unrelenting disinformation.  And because these conservatives in their delusions have become so trusting of far-right rhetoric, the Trump campaign with their made-up stories are achieving what they want, ginning up their base with fictitious vitriol against political opponents while distracting away from the president’s dismal leadership failures:


A Fascist America?  (We Dismiss that Possibility to Our Own Peril)

America is a great democracy & has been for a very long time, but in these unique times we must fight to keep it.  I’ll emphasize again, our autocratic prez with the devoted backing of his corrupt AG & echo-media, have engaged in a corrupt power-grab at the highest levels, including the relentless purge of high-ranking intelligence officials who refuse to swear unconditional allegiance to their American fuhrer.  So we’re witnessing firsthand a leader with authoritarian personal traits protected by a loyal circle of gestapo-like henchmen, who together are steadily dismantling the safeguards built into our democratic & constitutional customs, putting us at risk of succumbing to a dictatorship if these forces of tyranny get their way.  Yes indeed, whether the public is prepared to believe this or not, Trump’s assault on our hallowed institutions & long-held traditions of democracy are very real, meaning American democracy itself is on the line:  And that’s a sad reality which should concern all of us:  

Among the news stories just this past week, we see an administration with a pattern of firing dedicated civil servants just for doing their jobs & daring to tell the truth: & also see  Gee, before the Trump era, the intelligence community largely operated under a certain degree of independence, vitally important for preventing political favoritism & corruption from running amok.  There’s nothing normal about such firings without just cause, at least not in America:  But Trump sees the levers of power as his to control in achieving total domination:

The latest inspector general who was fired may have gotten the boot because he was probing into a shady-looking Saudi arms deal by the administration:  On this whole pattern of Trump firing intelligence officials for no good reason (aka corrupt purposes), Romney is the only prominent Republican speaking truth to power:  Or perhaps there’s another one:, but other GOP politicians are cowering & wilting under the oppressive heat of the Trumpian cult:  These corrupt & possibly illegal purges don’t get the attention they deserve, since they blend in as this president is a walking/talking scandal on a daily basis:  Our nation’s future depends on stamping out this type of swampy behavior.

I’ve always stated America is not immune from fascism:  That we’ve had 2-1/2 centuries of democratic freedoms does not guarantee we can keep it going.  The risk is real under this president far more than we’ve ever seen before, from which it’s disturbing most Americans seem oblivious to the threat, since it’s the public’s complacency & lack of awareness that can pave the way to a declining democracy when autocracy comes knocking.  Lest any of you think I’m being too alarmist, the details inside these links reveal the unmistakable actions of leadership seeking demagoguery & despotism.  Adding to the alarm bells, similar warnings of fascism are also seen in thousands of links posted here in Part 2 the past few years, which should have all of us fighting this administration’s steady & sinister power grab like our hair’s on fire! 

All these articles here scream out we have a president who thinks he’s above the law!  We spend a lot of time posting lots of relevant links, since never before has our democracy been so threatened!  If people across the ideological spectrum really paid attention to what’s going on, they’d be as horrified as we are.  I do request you please pay close attention.  The lessons from all these news stories can be summed up by saying the norms of our constitutional democracy we count on are being shattered!  I feel it’s our civic duty to share the truth, since for every right-winger we can convince they’ve been buying into Trump/echo lies, is somebody we can help rescue from the cult.  So together let’s get involved, since we must defeat these deleterious internal forces at play who could send America into an uncontrolled downward spiral.  When democracies start to slip away, that’s when a free people need to act decisively before it’s too late:–aristotle-and-euripides-would-disagree/–Mike-in-particular-Asked-why-he-fired-State-Department-watchdog-Trump-says-Pompeo-told-him-to


The Lies from Fox Fake News have Fatal Consequences

I was once a Fox News watcher for many years, til it became so abundantly clear to me they started lying to us, from which I couldn’t take it anymore.  It’s simply not the same network & viewers need to become aware of that.  It’s bad enough that Fox & the rest of the echo have steadily shifted to the far-right radical extremes over recent years, constantly dishing out a full menu of lies, distortions & exaggerations.  But their rancid ramblings have gotten far worse here in 2020, filling their viewers’ minds with imbecilic views that can actually be deadly.  First, they dismissed the dangers in those early months (echoing their king) when the virus had begun spreading & Fox viewers likely failed to take proper precautions.  Now Fox is encouraging their viewers to again take risks by crowding together in public places, which surely will have further deadly consequences.  Especially the prime time shows, they’ve become a mortal threat to public health.

That a popular cable news network could routinely spread deadly messages is very scary.  The scariest part to me overall isn’t the constant lies/distortions coming from Fox & the rest of the echo on talk radio/social media in service to the omnipotent leader they worship.  And the scariest part isn’t even that narcissistic leader who’s been shown to be a lying, bullying, demagogic, temperamental con man & overall despicable human being who is actually running our country.  Truly the scariest part of all is the fact we have millions of Americans who’ve inexplicably bought into these misleading propaganda/conspiracies that are so outrageous & highly destructive to our nation.  For years Fox has lied to their viewers for the ratings, feeding them only the delusional nonsense they want to hear, which means as a news organization the network lacks any morals or integrity.  But they really should have lost their credibility in the eyes of their viewers by now.  That they are still watched & trusted by millions, it shows the power of brainwashing.  Here is our weekly diet of links about Fox’s toxic menu:

Clips from the Best Show on Cable Television

The echo spearheaded by Fox fake news has become a cancer on our democracy.  If people want to hear the truth, they certainly won’t get it from Fox, so they should really turn here:


What is Wrong with Them?

We would ordinarily think human beings would have an intellect surpassing that of a typical platypus (, or have reasoning powers that exceed the levels of the average hedgehog:  But with Fox & the rest of the echo dumbing down their audiences, we can only shake our heads in disbelief at the deluded mindset & irrational opinions most echo-fans have adopted:  In pressing for their own selfish tribal freedoms, they risk soon robbing all American citizens of their precious freedoms:  That’s truly how dangerous their demented thinking has become in following the Trumpian bluster:

There is all manner of head-scratching stupidity coming from the echo-nutwings exposed inside the next group of links below, including continuing protests from those Trumpeter/tea-party goofballs who keep saying they want their freedoms back.  I guess they demand to be free to die or spread the deadly virus around to kill many others.  That’s not freedom, it’s closer to being murder.  People of all ages are dying, particularly senior citizens, as our parents & grandparents who brought us into this world were never meant to be used as sacrificial lambs.  So even beyond the crazy narratives being spun by Fox fake news, a various mix of insane echo-messaging sources have permeated the conservative mindset.  That far-right mentality has become entrenched & gone completely off the rails, since for them it’s become routine for lies to become facts & facts are lies.  Our nation is truly in trouble when nearly half the country believe in such half-baked schemes & no longer accept demonstrable truths, which can strangle a free society as any democracy could cease to properly function. 

Those of us who still hold tight to reason & sanity, rather than being able to engage in realistic ideas for solving problems & advancing the common good, we find ourselves debating echo-heads who adamantly offer up arguments every bit as absurd as insisting 1+1=3.  How do we reason with people like that?  And how do we ever unite as a country when there’s a stubborn faction who are factually wrong but refuse to acknowledge logic & reason?  Our only hope is to destroy Trumpism & thoroughly discredit the echo, so echo-adherents can finally escape their current world of delusional insanity.  I’ve often warned of fascism which could now be on our doorstep, but with deranged loonies on the loose like we see here, we’re even at risk of these gun-toting crackpots sparking a civil war:  Yep, these articles reveal how these maniacs really are nuts!:


Part 3

Things Weren’t All that Hunky-Dory Even Prior to Coronavirus Economy…Trump’s claim he created the greatest economy ever is obviously pure bunk.  His major contribution was a tax cut mostly at the top which failed to trickle down much.  So we’re still stuck in a situation despite an economy that was creating enormous wealth until a couple months ago, where unconscionably nearly half of all working Americans were earning such low pay as to practically be considered slave wages.  It’s a circumstance that cries out for a fix, but as this uneven society keeps getting more distorted, the corporate & political powers that be are in no hurry to disrupt the status quo (assuming we ever do return to normal).  Maybe this pandemic will end up completely disrupting the status quo, since it’s already blown up the entire system as to making it for now unrecognizable.  So as we battle our way through this, it might foster the rare opportunity to recreate a new free market economy based on shared growth & opportunity for all, so middle class workers finally get a square deal.  Posted here is the conclusion to

And yet consider some realities that existed even before any of us had heard of the coronavirus. Last year the Federal Reserve estimated that 39% adults would find an unexpected $400 expense — say for a car repair or medical bill — a “hardship.” Two out of five adults. The Fed estimates that 12% of adults “would be unable to pay the expense by any means.”  The Fed also estimated, again, long before the coronavirus hit, that 39% of adults expected to skip essential payments like rent, mortgage or their water, gas or electric bills. Similar numbers said they’d skip things like phone bills. How can you look for a job if your electricity or phone gets cut off?

It’s sad data like this that has swept away the illusion we were fed as recently as February 2019 B.C. (Before Coronavirus), that Americans never had it so good. In fact, as recently as two weeks ago, the president was still telling us that we used to have the “greatest economy the world has ever seen.” But it’s a flimsy claim. Since the end of World War II, there have been numerous periods when the U.S. economy grew faster — often far faster — than what Trump would have you think.

Slower growth and poorly paid jobs…The political hyperbole that Americans have been subjected to over the past few years has obscured the fact that things really weren’t that great to begin with. We heard about “jobs, jobs, jobs,” yet the reality is that post-recession job growth has been slowing down since 2015. And many of those jobs appear to pay shockingly little. A Brookings Institution study found that “53 million Americans between the ages of 18 to 64 — accounting for 44% of all workers — qualify as ‘low-wage.’ Their median hourly wages are $10.22, and median annual earnings are about $18,000.” That means half make even less.

Given that we’re talking about 44% of the gargantuan U.S. labor force, it’s reasonable to say that this isn’t so much a Trump problem as it is a long-term slide covering both Republican and Democratic presidents, and Republican and Democratic-dominated Congresses. Neither party has been able to stop it. Stimulus checks are going out to tens of millions of Americans, a helpful gesture. But when so many of them were living paycheck-to-paycheck to begin with, and those paychecks are now gone, a few hundred or thousand dollars is like tossing a morsel of food to a hungry elephant: It isn’t much in the grand scheme of things. What would really be helpful? How about actually addressing those underlying problems, that long-term slide, that pushed so many of our citizens to the edge in the first place? 


The newly House-passed stimulus package was partisan & maybe smacks of political posturing by Dems, but we do need to find some way for funding states & saving small businesses.  And the PPP needs more flexibility in saving millions of those small businesses, such as independent restaurants which employ more people than any private industry in America:  However much we spend in helping get through this, it would be small pittance compared to the gigantic price tag should this crashed economy not recover.  There’s always that ongoing discussion whether these massive deficits are inflating a bubble bound to burst someday, or if the Treasury can just keep printing money & the Fed cook the books so we can keep passing this gigundous debt onto future generations in perpetuity.  That’s still an important debate to have when we’re not in an emergency. 

But when (or if) we ever return to some kind of new normalcy, we should avoid falling into a dangerous trap when government benefits like stimulus & unemployment checks are regularly passed out like candy.  We don’t want to make handouts a habit, but we do want to better reward hard work.  So rather than falling into a pattern of redistributing income through large government spending programs, we should make it our national mission to pursue permanent solutions by addressing the core problem of why roughly half the working population barely make enough to live on (which was indeed the case long before this pandemic came along):  The oligarchs for far too long have abused their privileges & rigged the system, so it’s going to take smart government intervention in bringing things back into equilibrium for workers.

Let’s stop to examine, who is presidential material?  Certainly not our current president, as our previous president just alluded to:  And who might be presidential material to help the struggling working class?  Not Trump!  Looking elsewhere, with speeches like this:, Tim Ryan needs to be given strong consideration in future presidential campaigns & it’s the kind of passion we need from our leaders.  He’s young & from nearby Youngstown, the face of manufacturing decimation the past 4 decades, so he can relate as well as anyone to what kind of labor restoration needs done. 

I don’t see how Trump could possibly still get generally high grades on the economy when his policies favor the wealthy over workers, plus the delayed & inadequate response to the virus allowed the spread & deaths to spiral out of control, causing a shutdown policy which gave us the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression.  Most other countries had real leaders in charge who took decisive actions to help mitigate the devastating effects of the virus, which resulted in much less disruption to their economies.  It’s hard to know what’s ahead for our economy, but expect a very bumpy ride ahead.  Inside these links with economic updates, we’re giving you a wide menu of stories to select from:–and-most-media-missed-it_partner/


Important Pandemic News from this Past Week

Choke Job…A day late & a dollar short is an idiom which applies here inside the Dr. Bright articles, although they more accurately describe a presidential idiot when a leader downplayed, delayed & ignored experts’ early warnings about an incoming pandemic.  That blunder directly contributed to an economic hit where the dollar amounts have escalated into the trillions, & health crisis where the number of American deaths will be in the hundreds of thousands.  You may recall how Trump sometimes referred to Mitt Romney as having lost the 2012 election because “he choked.”  Well, this year as our country has by far more infections & deaths than any other country, we have truly lost the war on Coronavirus because in those crucial initial months when presidential leadership was required, Trump choked. 

As the prez has lately turned his attention towards the economy & away from the virus even as the death counts mount, it’s as though rather than leading, he’s given up & has surrendered to the virus:  And we now know that bumbling leadership started early this year when the virus was just starting to spread, as these links take us to whistleblower complaints which verify other reports we’ve heard, that Trump irresponsibly dismissed the virus threat (probably because it could undermine his delusional visions of grandeur about what his presidential legacy might look like, plus hurt his chances in November).  So he pretended the virus would magically disappear.  These reports detail Bright’s congressional hearing which further verifies another disturbing pattern when truth-tellers are not only ignored & derided by Trump, but personally penalized.  In listening to Dr. Bright during his testimony & on 60 Minutes, I do find him credible:


President Trump, the Doctor of Death?…We’re about to hit 100,000 deaths in a space of only 3 months.  Every day as we’re reminded on the news of the rising numbers, we can tend to get numb to the tragedies as mere statistics, but every one of them were real lives.  And think about all the families who are grieving.  The president’s non-actions & denials early on despite numerous warnings from health/intelligence experts allowed the virus to spread unabated, leading directly to this plague of death that will rise this year into the hundreds of thousands of Americans.  Plus now that the prez has pushed to reopen the economy before the virus is contained, it will lead to many more deaths.  Always keep in mind the Spanish Flu which was so devastating a century ago, most of the deaths came after people let their guard down & the flu reemerged with a vengeance in the fall.  While there can’t be any charges brought legally against a prez who failed to lead (, such irresponsible governing could in essence be considered somewhere between inadvertent genocide & negligent homicide:


Give Him the Boot…Consider that since our president dropped the ball from the moment Coronavirus arrived on our shores, it’s brought on such unnecessary & tragic carnage that largely could have been prevented.  It looks like our new economy will rival the Great Depression, while the death toll could approach the number of American casualties from WWII.  Gee, think about that, we may now be facing devastation like the Great Depression & WWII combined all at once!  Great job Mr. President.  Trump’s management over this virus crisis has been so abysmal, Max Boot speculates what the outcome would have been if Trump presided over WWII after Pearl Harbor:


Fast Vaccine?…Despite Trump’s bold boasts, we’d have to get super lucky to the point of almost being a miracle to have a safe/effective vaccine by the end of the year.  But it’s possible a miracle could happen if every trial phase for any particular vaccine all goes perfectly.  But careful not to artificially get our hopes up too high over a small initial trial of just 45 people in the Moderna study:


More Stuff on the Virus…So we’d better hope a vaccine does come along sometime as soon as 2021 (, if such a vaccine is even possible for this strain of virus, since lacking that we’ll at least need to find effective treatments (& not hydroxychloroquine or bleach).  This is certainly idiotic: & also see, but we’ve come to expect that of him.  The most important immediate steps we should be taking in stemming the spread are to wear masks in public & ratchet up the testing, while being careful to maintain our social distancing. 

States are incrementally opening up despite the infection trendlines still not pointing downward in many spots.  They’ve generally plateaued in most places, but the numbers prove we have yet to get a handle on this.  In areas where we’re now seeing social crowding as people seem to be throwing caution to the wind, it’s important to monitor closely to see if the cases spike.  This rush to reopen before the states met the original White House guidelines of declining infection rates for two weeks is incredibly risky: & also see

Among the factors which makes this virus so difficult are that it’s highly contagious, often spreads through asymptomatic people, & can live on surfaces for hours or days.  Plus now with kids getting sick, it may be mutating into an even more devastating form.  When we do see more kids put at risk developing fever & rash-like symptoms resembling Kawasaki disease, from which it does sometimes prove fatal, we have to admit losing otherwise healthy children with their whole lives ahead of them becomes even more heart-wrenching overall to a society than losing nursing home residents: & also listen to  Every life is precious, but let’s especially hope & pray the rates don’t escalate with kids.

Leadership is so important especially during a crisis.  What Americans should expect of our president is to lead us through this emergency with a clear head, steady hand & constructive instructions.  That is definitely not what we’re getting, it’s mostly lame excuses:  We should also expect of our president some encouragement, but do it in a way they’re being straight with us & not try spinning things as they really aren’t.  As we’ve seen repeatedly, Trump has zero credibility & we can’t trust a word he says.  In actuality, if we can always adhere to the thought anything Trump says is usually a lie, we can normally get on the truthful side of any political, economic or pandemic updates. 

So whatever Trump says, just believe the opposite & we’ll likely be correct.  Just try it, that works most every time.  A good example is when Trump is desperately trying to blame others for his own inaction/mistakes on fighting this virus, such as launching into the CDC, HHS, WHO, China, Obama, governors or the man on the moon, don’t believe any of it:  Furthermore, a prez in this dire situation should prioritize public health, which could then help the economy & then help in his reelection bid, not pursue things in reverse order.  It’s apparent a narcissistic Trump can see things only through the lens of how he alone can benefit.  

Coronavirus unfortunately may be with us for years, but a lying incompetent president doesn’t have to be.  We’ve always been too great of a nation to allow a rogue demagogue & his corrupt echo-disinformation machine to bring us down.  So as our vitally important mission, we must work together in preventing that from happening.  Getting America back on track should begin when a new president is sworn in come January.  To that end, this blog can be used as a tool to inform our fellow Americans of the true dangers.  That’s why we put together.  I even suspect many hardcore Trumpeters have secretly come to see the facade that is the failed Trump presidency, but still refuse to admit they were wrong all along.  As the biggest headline story in decades, this virus pandemic is worth paying close attention to, so here’s a large menu to choose from about your Coronavirus news during this past week:–but-we-all-know-whos-really-to-blame/–at-least-with-his-base/–Recognize-that-your-leaders-have-made-a-terrible-decision?utm_campaign=trending


Election Anticipation

If you can share the info from this blog with others, it just might help make a difference as we head towards a critical election.  Even Trumpeters don’t want to see our democracy disintegrate, but their vote for reelecting their hero could unknowingly bring about such a horrible outcome.  We need to stir up the anti-Trump vote enough to vastly outnumber the Trump supporters who’ve been duped by the prez & his echo-media.  Otherwise, by the time Americans acknowledge our democracy has been stolen away, at that point it may be too late to save it.  So rather than taking that chance, let’s rally the vote for the person who’ll preserve our constitutional rights & freedoms.  Obviously, that person we need to win in November is NOT the hapless President Trump, who’s conclusively shown to be a lawless demagogue lacking the competence or moral authority to be our leader.  His badly bungled response to the virus should by itself be a disqualifier for reelection.  The only possible path for making America great again is to destroy Trumpism & his evil cult.  Here are this week’s updates on the campaign:–Best-anti-Trump-attack-ad-ever-Trump-s-American-Carnage?utm_campaign=trending

A respected medical journal just made a remarkable admission about America’s perplexing & disastrous response to this pandemic, as the conclusion to is seen here:

The USA is still nowhere near able to provide the basic surveillance or laboratory testing infrastructure needed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. But punishing the agency (CDC) by marginalising and hobbling it is not the solution. The Administration is obsessed with magic bullets—vaccines, new medicines, or a hope that the virus will simply disappear. But only a steadfast reliance on basic public health principles, like test, trace, and isolate, will see the emergency brought to an end, and this requires an effective national public health agency. The CDC needs a director who can provide leadership without the threat of being silenced and who has the technical capacity to lead today’s complicated effort. The Trump administration’s further erosion of the CDC will harm global cooperation in science and public health, as it is trying to do by defunding WHO. A strong CDC is needed to respond to public health threats, both domestic and international, and to help prevent the next inevitable pandemic. Americans must put a president in the White House come January, 2021, who will understand that public health should not be guided by partisan politics.


We’re in a Coronavirus Emergency Pandemic

Somehow the message & timing of this song currently seems appropriate: