Part One – Russia Scandal Remains the Big Story

What would you do?

Suppose you believed of a fellow American that they were a con man, chronic liar, sexual abuser & child rapist.  (That last one sounds kind of harsh but did you read that Newsweek article I discussed last week?  I included it once again today in part 2.)  Add to that you believe they committed conspiracy, obstruction of justice & possibly even treason against America.  What do you think should be done to such a person?  I personally do believe that of you-know-who & if evidence can verify it, simply losing his job will be too good for him.  At the very least we need to remove him from office since he’s a disaster for America by further dividing our nation while annihilating any pretense of truthful or ethical standards, as he also is singlehandedly squashing our international reputation & leadership mandate.  That’s why we should follow the Russia scandal closely, hoping convincing proof of illegal criminal activity can be found as quickly & conclusively as possible.  But it’s even more important the investigations be done right than be done fast.  The truth must come out.

None of us should be surprised a man so lacking in moral character along with an ego that relentlessly pursued personal wealth, fame & power no matter how many he needed to trample over, would be willing to commit crimes against America for the sake of personal gain.  As a long time con man having honed the skills making him a master manipulator, it’s a trait making him that much more dangerous.  Trump plays on people’s emotions & appeals to their darker impulses, having an uncanny ability to bring (some) people over to his side even when he’s not being honest & forthright.  Lying has become second nature to him since he’ll say almost anything to achieve his personal ends.  The only number that exceeds his nearly 2000 verifiable lies during his time as President is his nearly 4000 lawsuits to intimidate (& often cheat) others during his business career.

His voters elected him for his bombasts that they believed would help their lives.  He would drain the swamp, crack down on bad trade deals & immigration while making America great again by bringing back good jobs.  Now nearly a year into his presidency, Trump still has a loyal Trumpeter base of nearly a third of the electorate who are sticking by him.  But many are starting to realize the details making up his policy proposals, like his tax plan & Trumpcare, aren’t making much sense & won’t do much to help (at least not help the people who really need it).  Even Trump himself probably knows his bold promises are detached from reality, with the challenges of governing & passing legislation not something he’s embraced with much commitment or enthusiasm, which may be why he does more golfing than anything.  Trump constantly derided Obama during the campaign about playing way too much golf as President, claiming he would be too busy working in the White House to play golf.  Well, the reality is in this first year as President, Trump is playing nearly three times as much golf as Obama did.  It might just be Trump realizes this Russia scandal will soon do him in any way, so he’s just mailing it in at this point.

There is already enough evidence to indict Trump on obstruction of justice charges.  Two separate letters alone provide proof.  Helping write the letter on his airplane to create a phony reason for the Russian meeting at Trump Tower attended by Manafort, Kushner & sonny-boy Jr., plus Mueller has in his possession a letter written by Trump outlining the real reasons he wanted Comey fired.  Plus Mueller has acquired loads more evidence far beyond what’s been revealed to the public, so he wants to pin the big enchilada of collusion on Trump, which can equate to conspiracy charges.  I’ll bet Mueller’s investigation will also dig up some shady dealings tucked away inside Trump’s financial records.  There’s also the Emoluments Clause which Trump has obviously violated repeatedly with his conflict of business interests, so in the end, there could be found multiple infractions that would warrant removal from office.

So taken as a whole there could be an avalanche of impeachable offenses soon to be unleashed against Trump.  That way the final evidence against the prez can become so overwhelming, even many Trumpeters will be tempered in their outrage from having to acknowledge their hero did do some really bad stuff.  There is a strong likelihood Mueller already has gathered enough evidence to obtain sealed indictments against several key people inside Trump’s orbit, offering a menu of potential charges like obstruction, perjury, espionage & money laundering.  Perhaps even Trump himself already has his own sealed indictment, which Mueller is keeping all these tucked away in his back pocket until he determines it’s the right time to unleash them.  As he’s still gathering evidence & conducting many more interviews, Mueller doesn’t want to show his hand in advance, but he’s surely pinpointing where all that smoke has been coming from.

At whatever point he deems it’s appropriate to lay his cards on the table, I expect the world will be shocked, so particularly those in echo-bubble-world should brace themselves.  And everyone should stay in tune with the news headlines, since we never know the point Mueller might spring the big surprise that will totally change the dynamics of this scandal.  I’ve been predicting all year this Russian case will become bigger than Watergate & remove the prez from office sooner than most would expect, so at whatever point the findings from the investigations are made public, the evidence could be so incriminating that the end may come quickly.  Trump’s lawyer Ty Cobb has recently stated this whole Mueller case could be wrapped up by early January.  That may well be true only if Trump resigns.  If Flynn is now blowing the whistle on him & it all lines up with the other evidence Mueller has compiled, it’s conceivable my original prediction could come true that he’d resign by the end of the year.

As is typically the case, the newsfeeds here in part 1 are dominated by Russian reports.  See the top links in the related articles which start with the Post article, “The multiplicity of Russian contacts cannot be a coincidence.”  Under that there’s a Bloomberg article “Mueller’s the elephant in the room this December.”  After that there’s a group of links to Kushner being caught hiding his Russian contacts, so he’s really in a heap of trouble.  From there we see many links where Flynn is also in plenty of trouble, with indications being he’s flipping on Trump after his legal team broke off communications with Trump’s legal team.  Mueller has plenty of leverage over Flynn, hanging some serious charges over the heads of Flynn & his son.  Having his son deeply involved, Flynn was or is highly motivated to cut a deal for leniency, especially for his son.  We then see links of new ties being revealed with the Russians, featuring Manafort & a congressman.

Moving on down the list of links, there’s a group of articles reporting on Trump spilling the beans on classified Israeli intelligence secrets to the Russians, while also admitting the Russian case was the real reason he fired Comey.  There are also reports U.S. intelligence believes Putin has leverages of pressure over Trump.  Should we wonder why?  Going beyond the Russian links, the gutting of State Dept. personnel is irresponsible beyond belief which only contributes to America losing its status & influence in the world during the Trump era.  There’s even a Guardian article comparing Trump’s tearing down governing institutions with the rise of 1930’s fascism.  And with a leader as unstable as Trump, there’s also a constant worry about him starting a nuclear war.  There’s a clever article by Erick Erickson why he & all of us should be thankful for Trump, with the very next article describing what all us anti-trumpers can be thankful for.  We’ve all seen how Trump’s ego keeps getting in the way, which is again played out in articles where he lowers himself to engage in silly spats with Time Magazine & LaVar Ball.  So as always, we’ve selected the news reports from the past few days most relevant to the most important topics.

Views from the far-left
Echo fans won’t give much credence to these Kos stories.  The irony of it is these liberal opinion pieces will likely prove out more accurate than the echo-news that crowd is so trusting of.  Especially with the Russian stories, we should read them over & store them away in our memory banks.  We’ll soon find out to what extent they might really be true.